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Circoloco Official Logo with white text and red background.jpg
GenreClub nights
FrequencyWeekly on Mondays
VenueDC10, etc.
Years active1999–present
Organised byCircoloco

Founded in 1999, the Circoloco parties (also written as Circo Loco) first took place at DC10 in Ibiza. Circoloco initially began as a free after-party event on Monday mornings. Starting at 6 am until 6 pm in the afternoon. This was infamously known as ‘The Monday Morning Sessions’. [1] Starting as a Monday session at DC10 (nightclub) only, this soon spread to become a dance brand in many countries.[2]

Barely spending any time under the radar, Circoloco at DC10 was already the hype party by 2001 and the international press was soon declaring it the essential must-do of any Ibiza visit. A no-nonsense, back to the old school vibe of how dance music should be, with Italian promoters Antonio Carbonaro and Andrea Pelino using word of mouth and solid principles of free or cheap entry alongside an unrivaled forward-thinking music policy, it changed the story of what clubbing could, and should, be all about. It was unprecedented in Ibiza or anywhere else since the days of the “Paradise Garage” or “The Summer Of Love” in the UK. [3]

Since then, the ubiquitous crazy clown face has travelled around the world as a beacon of the party ethos, becoming a symbol for the underground spirit of dance music culture. Circoloco was focusing on programming accurately each Monday session with unknown underground artists based in Ibiza and also coming from around the world: people were quite literally going crazy at the Circoloco events, sharing a deep love for the music. [4]

In contrast to the rest of the island, Circoloco still does little or no publicity for its parties. Many of the artists discovered by Circoloco are today recognized among some of the most influential DJs. Examples of these DJs that play at Circoloco include Luciano, Loco Dice, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers, Damian Lazarus, Jamie Jones, Peggy Gou, Black Coffee, Tale Of Us, &ME, Amelie Lens and many more. "[4]

Fast forward to modern day, Circoloco rips up the rulebook once again, to bring both sustainability and music to the forefront, invoking mindfulness for the environment and natural surroundings. Circoloco has remained true to its vision through the use of eco-friendly and biodegradable materials during its events: a ban of single-use plastic at their Ibiza events. Water bottles were also replaced with boxed water. "[5]

Since 1999 Circoloco proposed every year to its crowd the slogan of their season, which is like the motto of the summer. Starting in 1999 with “Ibiza Monday Session” to “Sorry We Are Circoloco” was a succession of statements year after year. Its Monday sessions at DC10, despite well documented problems over the years, continue to go from strength to strength and is rightly regarded as a true mecca of clubbing in the world today.

Worldwide, from the origins at DC10, Circoloco has brought the brand throughout the globe, with events in cities such as: New York, Miami, London, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Bogotà, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Sydney, Melbourne to name but a few. [6]

Today Circoloco is considered a visionary brand that influences the music world, which leads to the recent collaborations in the art and fashion worlds, ready for a cultural exchange with the most brilliant minds of these fields like the artist Maurizio Cattelan or the design studio Toilet Paper, but also fashion brands such as Off White. [7]

In May 2021, Rockstar Games and Circoloco announced the launch of Circoloco Records. The joint venture between Circoloco & Rockstar Games kicked off announcing it’s first collection, Monday Dreamin' Blue’ EP , which is set to land on Friday, 4th June. The release features tunes from the likes of Sama' Abdulhadi , Kerri Chandler, Rampa and Seth Troxler, whose contribution, 'Lumartes', was revealed during the announcement of the label. [8]

In a recent interview, Antonio Carbonaro, CircoLoco Founder, stated that: “CircoLoco has always been about the passion for finding the best music, supporting artists and bringing them to the people in the purest way possible. CircoLoco Records is a natural next step for us, giving us a chance to bring the music we love to people everywhere. [9]


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