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Cities Area Transit
Cities Area Transit logo.png
Service area Grand Forks, ND
East Grand Forks, MN
Service type Bus service, Dial-a-Ride
Routes 13
Website Grand Forks bus

Cities Area Transit (CAT) is the public transportation system in the neighboring cities of Grand Forks, North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota. The scheduled transit bus routes are operated by the city of Grand Forks and service is provided to East Grand Forks through a cost-sharing agreement.[1] Paratransit for those who are unable to use the regular bus under the ADA, and a service for seniors, are provided under contract by Grand Forks Taxi.[2][3]


Public transportation in Grand Forks was originally provided by the Grand Forks Street Railway Company which operated five street car lines that connected Downtown Grand Forks with the University of North Dakota campus, the Grand Forks County fairgrounds, the neighborhoods of Lincoln Park and Riverside Park, and the community of East Grand Forks, Minnesota. The service completely switched over to buses on July 1, 1934.[4]


Routes generally run from 6:30am to 6pm Monday-Friday, and 8:30am to 6pm on Saturday (No service is offered Sundays or federal holidays). A Night route covers the city from approximately 7pm to 9pm, with service finishing for the night at 10pm. Routes operate once per hour unless otherwise noted. The #4 and #6 offer coordinated service once every 30 minutes along the University Avenue corridor (the individual branches operate once per hour). Additionally, the #12 and #13 complement each other, with the #12 operating eastbound, and becoming a westbound #13 on the return trip. A similar arrangement exists with the #8 and #9. The #10 and #11 offer 2 buses per hour between the central portion of East Grand Forks, and the Metro Transit Center. The #1 and #2 do not overlap, but interline at the Metro Transit Center.

Most routes pass by the Metro Transit Center (which is the location of the headquarters), at 450 Kittson Avenue, with the exception of the #8/9 and #12/13.

Scheduled bus route details are listed below:[5][6]

Name Description Notes
     Red Route 1 Kelly School - Tufte Manor - Choice Health & Fitness
     Red Route 2 Hugo's - West School - Valley Middle School - St Anne's
     Orange Route 3 The Link - Altru Hospital - Red River High School - Grand Cities Mall Hospital express service. Operates every 30 minutes.
     Blue Route 4 Salvation Army - Stanford Center - N 39th St - YMCA UND service runs east and west along University Avenue
     Green Route 5 Columbia Mall - Walmart South - Hugo's - Grand Cities Mall Operates every 30 minutes
     Dark Blue Route 6 Salvation Army - N 43rd St - Memorial Union - YMCA UND service runs east and west along University Avenue
     Purple Route 8 Walmart North - N 43rd St - Memorial Union - Altru Hospital
     Purple Route 9 Post Office - Columbia Mall - Super Target - Red River High School
     Black Route 10 Cabela's - Northland College - Hugo's - Sunshine Terrace East Grand Forks north major shopping and educational services areas
     Grey Route 11 Senior Center - Northland College - Hugo's - Town Square East Grand Forks south major residential and services areas
     Brown Route 12 Super Target - Development Homes - South Middle School Alerus Center
     Brown Route 13 Altru South - Columbia Mall - Altru Hospital - Canad Inn
Night Cat Altru Hospital - Hugo's - Town Square - N 43rd St - Memorial Union - Town Square - The Link - Altru Hospital


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