Duluth Transit Authority

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Duluth Transit Authority
Duluth Transit Authority logo.png
Duluth Transit Authority 265 closeup.jpg
Headquarters2402 W. Michigan Street
LocaleDuluth, Minnesota
Service areaSaint Louis County, Minnesota
Douglas County, Wisconsin
Service typebus service
Fuel typeLow Sulfur Diesel
OperatorFirst Transit[1]

The Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) is the transit agency that provides mass transit service — currently, only buses — in the city of Duluth, Minnesota, United States. The agency also serves nearby Proctor, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin, as well as the eastern edge of Hermantown, Minnesota.

The organization was formed in 1969 by the Minnesota State Legislature.

In 2009, the DTA was named Transit System of the Year by the Minnesota Public Transit Association.[citation needed]


Express service is provided during rush hours to New Duluth (2X), Proctor (3X), Lakeside (7X – PM only), Superior (16X – PM only), and Hermantown (20X). During peak hours, an average of 45 buses will be in service at any one time. The transit agency also owns three park-and-ride lots and has bike racks on the front of every bus.

As of 2009, the DTA had 6 hybrid buses in service.


According to the agency, the system carried 3.26 million riders in 2011, a 3% increase from 2010.[2]

Duluth Transit Authority is the Minnesota's third-largest transit system by ridership, after the Metro Transit and University of Minnesota Campus Shuttle systems in Minneapolis – Saint Paul.[3][4]


This list is derived from the current DTA system map.[5]

  • 1 Grand Ave Zoo
  • 2 New Duluth
  • 3 Proctor
  • 4 Ramsey – Raleigh via West 8th
  • 5 West to the Mall
  • 6 East Mainline/UMD
  • 7 East Mainline/Lakeside
  • 8 Downtown to LSC - Mall
  • 9 Piedmont
  • 9M Piedmont/Mall
  • 10 Duluth Heights/Mall
  • 10H Duluth Heights/Mall/Southeast 6th
  • 10E Duluth Heights/Ecklund
  • 11 East 8th–UMD
  • 11K East 8th–UMD – Kenwood
  • 11M East 8th–UMD – Morley Heights
  • 12 Kenwood – UMD
  • 13 Woodland - East 4th - UMD
  • 14 West 4th Blvd
  • 15 Park Point
  • 16 Superior
  • 17 Tower Ave
  • 18 Duluth Heights-UMD
  • 23 UMD Circulator
  • 24 Aquarium/DECC Loop
  • S1 Grocery Express
  • Port Town Trolley (Operates Summers Only)

Duluth Transportation Center[edit]

Duluth Transportation Center (DTC) is the downtown hub for the Duluth transit system.

The DTC was built in February 2016,[6] replacing an existing parking ramp. The building was designed by LHB Corporation and constructed by Mortenson Construction.[7]

The DTC has eight docks for boarding buses, with space for layovers. Skyways to nearby buildings were replaced during construction, improving pedestrian access.[7]


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