Claudine Hermann

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Claudine Hermann
Alma materÉcole normale supérieure de jeunes filles
Scientific career
InstitutionsÉcole Polytechnique
ThesisPompage optique dans l'antimoniure de gallium : détection optique de la résonance électronique (1976)

Claudine Hermann (born 1945) is a French physicist and Honorary Professor at École Polytechnique. She was the first woman to be appointed professor at École Polytechnique in 1992. She is Vice President of the European Platform of Women Scientists.

Early life and education[edit]

Hermann was the daughter of a pharmacist. She studied at the École normale supérieure de jeunes filles and graduated in 1965.[1] She completed her doctoral studies and Paris Diderot University, with a thesis that considered gallium antimonide.[2] She was appointed a lecturer at École Polytechnique in 1980.[3] She taught classes in semiconductor physics.[4]

Research and career[edit]

Hermann was the first woman to be appointed Professor at École Polytechnique in 1992.[5] She worked on the optical properties of solids, in particular the photo-emission of polarised electrons.[6][7] She developed techniques to optically measure the spin resonance in semiconductors.[8][9] She spent a year as a visiting researcher at Nagoya University in 1998.[10] She demonstrated the hole effective mass (0.051) of Indium gallium arsenide.[11]

Advocacy for women in physics[edit]

Alongside her research into condensed matter, Hermann works to make the environment better for women physicists.[12][13] In 1999 she was appointed to the European Union Helsinki Group on women and science, and remained a member until 2006.[14] She co-founded the platform Femme & Sciences with Huguette Delavault in 2000.[1] She was a member of the expert group who produced the ETAN report on women in academia for the European Union in 2000. Hermann is the President of Honour of the European Platform of Women Scientists.[15][16]


  • 2010 Statistical Physics: Including Applications to Condensed Matter[17]
  • 2003 Physics of Semiconductors[4]



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