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Cloud Nine, cloud 9 or cloud nine is a state of euphoria. It may also refer to a magical place and a good thing

Books and comics[edit]


  • CL 9 (Cloud 9), a remote control company
  • Cloud9 (service provider), a mobile phone company in the Isle of Man
  • Cloud9 IDE, an open source cloud web-based IDE
  • CloudNine Communications, a web space / domain company
  • Cloud 9 Living, one of the largest experience gift companies in the United States
  • Cloud Nine (Shanghai), a 2006 skyscraper and shopping mall in Shanghai
  • Cloud Nine Movies, Tamil film production and distribution company, based in Chennai
  • Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group, a children's television production company founded by Raymond Thompson
  • Cloud9 Technologies LLC, a cloud-based communication provider for traders
  • Cloud9 Event Organisation, an organisation which celebrates your parties


  • Cloud9 (esports), a professional American eSports organization that sponsors teams that subsequently compete in several different professional gaming leagues.

Other uses[edit]

Film and television[edit]



  • "Cloud Nine", a thrash metal band by Japanese musician Taiji Sawada



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  • Cloud 7, a 1955 album by Tony Bennett