Cluj-Mănăștur Calvaria Church

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Calvaria Church, Mănăştur, Cluj-Napoca
Calvaria Church, Cluj-Napoca.jpg
Basic information
Location Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Church
Completed 1095
Dome(s) 1
Materials Stone

Calvaria Church (Romanian: Biserica Romano-Catolică Calvaria de la Cluj-Mănăştur, Hungarian: Kolozsmonostori apátság) was built in the small village of Mănăştur near Cluj-Napoca (today a district of Cluj-Napoca). A small Benedictine abbey surrounded by defensive walls, Calvaria Church was built starting in the 9th-10th centuries.

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Coordinates: 46°45′41″N 23°33′28″E / 46.76139°N 23.55778°E / 46.76139; 23.55778