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CoEvolution Quarterly
CoEvolution Quarterly.jpg
CoEvolution Quarterly
EditorStewart Brand
CategoriesEnvironment, Science, Politics
Year founded1974
Final issue
Fall 1984
Issue 43 (became Whole Earth Review starting issue 44)
CountryUnited States
Based inSausalito, California
Website[dead link]Official Site

CoEvolution Quarterly (1974–1985) was a journal descended from Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Catalog. Stewart Brand founded the CoEvolution Quarterly in 1974 using proceeds from the Whole Earth Catalog.[1] It evolved out of the original Supplement to the Whole Earth Catalog.[2] Fred Turner notes that in 1985, Brand merged CoEvolution Quarterly with The Whole Earth Software Review (a supplement to The Whole Earth Software Catalog) to create the Whole Earth Review.[3]

CoEvolution Quarterly became the first place to publish Ivan Illich's Vernacular Values.[4]


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