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Colin Cameron Allrich
Origin Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Genres Breakbeat, electronic rock, industrial, progressive house, techno
Instruments Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Years active 1998-present

Colin Cameron Allrich (born 1982, Plymouth, Massachusetts) is a self-taught Los Angeles-based musician, remixer, audio engineer and record producer.[4] Colin's career began when he became part of the first wave of musicians releasing music digitally with's launch in 1998.[5] During these early years he was known for experimenting with meshing analog sampling and computer sequencing using Jeskola Buzz. Since then Colin has forged a multi-genre approach to music, working out of his "Cell Studio" creating original compositions and remixes as heard on: FOX's Bones (TV series), MTV's The People's Choice Awards and HBO's True Blood.[6] Colin has also branched out into film work, supplying a song (as his Slighter moniker) to Lionsgate Films soundtrack to Blood Out and his own scores to independent films.[7]

Colin has worked as a remixer and producer for numerous music labels worldwide,[8] most notably his remixes for UK labels Lost Language[9] (Space Manoeuvers' "Stage One") and Adjust Recordings (Dan Welton's "Lisopain"). His remix of "Lisopain" was well received by DJ Hernán Cattáneo who included it in his "Sequential"[10] mixed compilation for Renaissance Records which was distributed stateside by Thrive Records and worldwide with BMG Records.

Colin is also the adopted son of American screenwriter and painter, Steve Allrich.

Other monikers[edit]

  • Colin C.
  • "Horrorfall" - A musical collective with rotating members,[11] first single "Necroplasm Fix" debuted on True Blood (season 3).
  • "Slighter"
  • "The Pushers"
  • "Visitor Seven"
  • "Deeptone" (2004-2008)
  • "Sardonikk" (1997-1999)
  • "The Hush Project" (1999-2000)


  • "MICC" with Miami Ice
  • "JvC" with Jairus Miller
  • "Erphun & Slighter" with Ali Zaree
  • "Lophase" with Ali Zaree
  • "Narcosis" with Reagan Denius
  • "Compound Bass" with Reagan Denius

Selected discography[edit]

  • Visitor Seven - Unsafe Patterns
  • Slighter - Repetitive Action Junkie
  • Visitor Seven - The Syndrome
  • Horrorfall - Bloodwork (EP)
  • Slighter - The Perfectly Damaged
  • Hernán Cattáneo - Renaissance: Sequential : Dan Welton - Lisopain (The Pushers Sublingual Dub)
  • John Graham (as Space Manoeures) - Factoid (album) : Stage One (Deeptone Remix)

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