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Collier Motors
IndustryCar dealership
FounderRobert Collier
HeadquartersPikeville, North Carolina
ProductsGeneral automotive repair and parts
Vehicle inventory in the front lot
The dealership as of February 2011
The front lot as of January 2012
Rambler vehicles, surrounded by overgrown vegetation

Collier Motors was an American Motors (AMC) franchised dealership located on business U.S. Route 117 in Pikeville, North Carolina.[1]


Robert Collier established Collier Motors in 1955 as a single entrepreneur while in his 20s.[2] His father was also in the automobile business and continued working until he was in his 80s.[2] Collier transitioned from marketing Chevrolets to selling cars made by American Motors Corporation (AMC).[3] The longstanding relationship with AMC continued until the automaker was partially purchased by Renault in 1979.[4]

After AMC started importing Renaults, Collier decided he preferred to sell only domestic-designed and built AMC cars.[2] Rather than selling new Renault-derived passenger cars, such as the Alliance, Collier continued to sell the pre-Renault stock he already had on the lot and focus on older AMC cars and Jeep vehicles. American Motors was bought by Chrysler in 1987.[5]

The 5-acre (2.0 ha) property is on the west side of old U.S. Route 117. By 2010, the business was described as having "vehicles and parts slowly returning to the soil."[6] Collier died on February 11, 2018, at the age of 88.[3]


Collier Motors sits frozen in time.[7] Although the lot is overgrown with trees and weeds, Collier continues to sell whole cars and parts, although many of them are in poor shape as they have been sitting on the lot since the early 1980s.[8] They include 1970s and 1980s-model AMCs, such as Gremlins, Pacers, Matadors, Javelins, Eagles, and Concords. Some still retain their original window stickers.[9] Everything is for sale, but an appointment is needed.

Historic vehicles[edit]

The AMC vehicles that were personally owned by Robert Collier include unique historic examples,[4] including Barry Goldwater's "flashy" black two-seat AMX muscle car with a "tricked-out dash",[10] two Alabama Highway Patrol Javelins, and a Nash from the 1991 movie The Marrying Man.[4]


In 2015, Collier Motors was featured on two History Channel shows: American Pickers (episode "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" originally aired May 13, 2015).[11] and Lost in Transmission (episode "Fly Like an Eagle" originally aired June 4, 2015).


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