Communist Party of Pridnestrovie

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Communist Party of Pridnestrovie
Партидул Комунист
дин Приднестровье
Founder Vladimir Gavrilchenko
Founded 1991
Dissolved 2013
Ideology Communism
Political position Left-wing
Continental affiliation Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Colours Red, Green (Colours of the Flag of Transnistria)
Supreme Council
0 / 43

The Communist Party of Pridnestrovie (Moldovan: Партидул Комунист дин Приднестровье), "PCP", "KPP" was a communist party in Transnistria. Its leader was Vladimir Gavrilchenko. It was seen as a "conservative" communist party, in contrast to the Pridnestrovie Communist Party (PKP).


The Communist Party of Pridnestrovie maintains close contacts with groups in Russia. It is affiliated to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union led by Oleg Shenin, and it usually refers to itself by the initials "KPP-KPSS".

It had no representation in Transnistrian Supreme Soviet.

It supported independent statehood for Transnistria and opposed the administration of President Igor Smirnov.

It had no candidate for the December 10, 2006 presidential election but supported Nadezhda Bondarenko, the candidate of the competing Pridnestrovie Communist Party, who obtained 8.1% of the vote.

During the presidential elections of 2011 Vladimir Gavrilchenko did not run for president himself, instead announcing his support for Igor Smirnov. He also entered the pro-presidential People's Union which consolidated 20 different public organizations and civic unions. After results of the first round were announced on 12 December 2011 and it became obvious that acting president Igor Smirnov lost the elections, Vladimir Gavrilchenko with other supporters appeared on the special meeting of the People's Union and called to nullify the results of the elections, to change the composition of the Central Elections Commission and to introduce a state of emergency in Transnistria in order to give Smirnov the ability to remain in power.[1][2] This action, nevertheless, had no results as Igor Smirnov decided to step down peacefully. On 11 March 2013 Vladimir Gavrilchenko died at the age of 63.[3] After his death, the Communist Party of Pridnestrovie collapsed with the majority of its members joining the Pridnestrovie Communist Party of Oleg Khorzhan. The position of chairman of the Communist Party of Pridnestrovie remains vacant as of August 2013 and it is not clear if the party will continue to exist.