Como Estão Vocês?

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Como Estão Vocês?
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Studio album by Titãs
Released 2003
Recorded From June 16 to September 21, 2003
Genre Alternative rock
Length 44:33
Label BMG
Producer Liminha
Titãs chronology
A Melhor Banda de Todos os Tempos da Última Semana
Como Estão Vocês?
Sacos Plásticos
Singles from Como Estão Vocês?
  1. "Enquanto Houver Sol"
    Released: 2004
  2. "Provas de Amor"
    Released: 2004
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

Como Estão Vocês? (Portuguese for How Are You?) is the twelfth studio album released by Brazilian rock band Titãs. It was the first album by the band without vocalist/bassist Nando Reis and also the first without any contribution by guitarist Marcelo Fromer. Fromer died after being hit by a motorcycle on 11 June 2001,[2] but his ideas were still used for their then upcoming album A Melhor Banda de Todos os Tempos da Última Semana[3] which would be recorded a few days later. Reis left the group in 2002 stating he wasn't prepared to record another album due to still being shaken by the deaths of both Fromer and his friend Cássia Eller.[4] It is also their first release via BMG, following Abril Music's bankrupt.[3]

Concept, recording and themes[edit]

Commenting on the absence of Fromer and Reis, vocalista/keyboardis Sérgio Britto said:[5]

The name of the album was inspired by Confucius, via an idea that he used to support: "I asked with fire letters. How are you? How are all of us? The path is lost, we should judge."[6]

When asked about the possibility of the opening track "Nós Estamos Bem" (We Are Fine) being a message to the fans and the press, Britto said "yes, could be. But in the song we ask "how are you", and this can be understood in a wider sense. How is Brazil, how are the things through which we are going through. This sentence defines the intention of the album".[5]

The song "Enquanto Houver Sol" was included in the soundtrack of the 2003 Rede Globo telenovela Celebridade, which had guitarist Tony Bellotto's wife Malu Mader in the lead role. The song "Pelo Avesso" was also used in another Rede Globo telenovela, 2009 Cama de Gato, appearing as the opening track.[7]

"As Aventuras do Guitarrista Gourmet Atrás da Refeição Ideal" marks the second consecutive time an album by the band brings a tribute to Fromer.[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Lead vocals Length
1. "Nós Estamos Bem" (We Are Fine) Sérgio Britto, Paulo Miklos Paulo Miklos 2:27
2. "Você é Minha" (You Are Mine) Sérgio Britto, Charles Gavin, Branco Mello, Tony Bellotto, Paulo Miklos Sérgio Britto 2:46
3. "Gina Superstar" Branco Mello, Tony Bellotto Branco Mello 2:30
4. "KGB" Sérgio Britto, Paulo Miklos Paulo Miklos 3:44
5. "Livres Para Escolher" (Free to Choose) Sérgio Britto, Tony Bellotto Sérgio Britto 3:43
6. "Eu Não Sou um Bom Lugar" (I Am Not a Nice Place) Tony Bellotto, Branco Mello Branco Mello 2:45
7. "Pra Você Ficar" (For You to Stay) Tony Bellotto Paulo Miklos 2:58
8. "Enquanto Houver Sol" (As Long as There's Sun) Sérgio Britto Sérgio Britto 3:02
9. "Esperando Para Atravessar a Rua" (Waiting to Cross the Street) Arnaldo Antunes, Branco Mello, Tony Bellotto Branco Mello 3:11
10. "Provas de Amor" (Love Proofs) Paulo Miklos Paulo Miklos 3:22
11. "Ser Estranho" (Strange Being) Tony Bellotto, Branco Mello Branco Mello 3:12
12. "Vou Duvidar" (I'll Doubt It) Sérgio Britto Sérgio Britto 2:12
13. "Pelo Avesso" (Inside Out) Sérgio Britto Sérgio Britto 2:42
14. "A Guerra é Aqui" (The War Is Here) Paulo Miklos, Branco Mello, Tony Bellotto, Charles Gavin Branco Mello 3:14
15. "As Aventuras do Guitarrista Gourmet Atrás da Refeição Ideal" (The Adventures of the Gourmet Guitarist as He Searches for the Ideal Meal) Tony Bellotto, Paulo Miklos Paulo Miklos 2:45



Additional personnel[edit]


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