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Capa 8.jpg
Studio album by Titãs
Released 10 July 1993[1]
Recorded 1993
Genre Punk rock, grunge, hardcore punk, alternative rock
Label WEA
Producer Jack Endino
Titãs chronology
Tudo Ao Mesmo Tempo Agora
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [2]

Titanomaquia (Titanomachia) is the seventh album released by Brazilian rock band Titãs, released in 10 July 1993. All songs are credited to the band as a whole (sometimes crediting the just-departed Arnaldo Antunes as well), as it happened in the previous album, Tudo ao Mesmo Tempo Agora. Also, it marks the first time Jack Endino worked with them, the only foreign one as of May 2015.

A section of "Disneylândia" was used as part of a question of the 2013 ENEM de 2013, specifically "Pilhas americanas alimentam eletrodomésticos ingleses na Nova Guiné / Gasolina árabe alimenta automóveis americanos na África do Sul. / (...) / Crianças iraquianas fugidas da guerra / Não obtém visto no consulado americano do Egito / Para entrarem na Disneylândia" (American batteries feed English home appliances in New Guinea / Arab gas feeds American cars in South Africa / (...) / War-fleeing Iraqi children / Do not obtain visa at the American consulate in Egypt / To enter Disneyland") for the examinees to analyze consuming and production relations in the world. The track was erroneously credited to Arnaldo Antunes only, but it had actually been written by him and the whole band.[3]

Background and production[edit]

The album was conceived in times when part of the Brazilian press considered rock from that country - as it was done in the 80s - to be over.[1] The initiative to have the album produced by Jack Endino came from the band itself, more precisely from drummer Charles Gavin.[1] Through their label WEA, they sent him their Õ Blésq Blom album. Endino was initially confused as to why a band with such a sound was willing to have him produce their album, but once the band sent him newer songs, he became interested. :[4]

He also listened to Cabeça Dinossauro and Tudo Ao Mesmo Tempo Agora before starting his works.[1] By the time of the album release, he claimed to find it "very interesting that they were willing to do the reverse of what was normally done - which is to go from more radical rock to pop".[1]

About Antunes absence, Endino commented that the mood among the band wasn't tense and that the group, still a seven-piece band, was not upset about the member's exit, although they still showed much care for him.[4]

The fist title considered for the album was A Volta dos Mortos-Vivos ("The Return of the Living Dead"), but the band couldn't afford the rights for this name, which was already used for a 1985 film.[1]

The band recorded English vocals for almost every track from the album for a possible international release.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Titãs, except "Disneilândia", "Hereditário" and "De Olhos Fechados", co-written by Arnaldo Antunes.

No. Title Lead vocals Length
1. "Será Que É Isso Que Eu Necessito?" (Is This Really What I Need?) Sergio Britto 2:49
2. "Nem Sempre Se Pode Ser Deus" (It's Not Always Possible to Be God) Branco Mello 2:15
3. "Disneylândia" (Disneyland) Paulo Miklos 2:46
4. "Hereditário" (Hereditary) Nando Reis 2:05
5. "Estados Alterados da Mente" (Altered States of Mind) Mello 3:42
6. "Agonizando" (Agonizing) Britto 3:35
7. "De Olhos Fechados" (With Eyes Closed) Miklos 2:11
8. "Fazer o Quê?" (What to Do?) Britto 3:27
9. "A Verdadeira Mary Poppins" (The Real Mary Poppins) Miklos 2:22
10. "Feliz São os Peixes" (Happy Are the Fish) Mello 2:13
11. "Tempo Pra Gastar" (Time to Spend) Britto 3:45
12. "Dissertação do Papa Sobre o Crime Seguida de Orgia" (The Pope's Dissertation About Crime Followed by an Orgy) Mello 3:07
13. "Taxidermia" (Taxidermy) Miklos 3:36



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