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The following chart compares websites that provide United States credit reports or credit scores for free. Services limited to cardholders or only offering trial plans are excluded. The chart specifies what is free, what kind of credit reports are included, and whether a full Social Security number is needed.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, " is the only authorized source for the free annual credit report."[1][2] Care should be taken when providing a full Social Security number to any other website.

Comparison of free credit monitoring websites
Name Frequency Credit bureau(s) Full SSN required? Scoring model Annual full official report (one from each agency) [3] Equifax, Experian, TransUnion[3] Yes[3] No score provided by Bankrate Monthly full report[4] TransUnion[4] Last 4 digits only VantageScore 3.0[4]
CreditWise by Capital One Weekly full report[5] TransUnion[5] Yes[5] VantageScore 3.0[5]
CreditWorks Basic by Experian Monthly full report[6] Experian Yes[6] FICO 8[6]
Credit Journey by Chase Weekly summary[7] TransUnion[7] Yes[7] VantageScore 3.0[7]
Credit Karma Weekly full reports[8] TransUnion, Equifax[8] Sometimes[9] VantageScore 3.0[10]
Credit Scorecard by Discover Monthly summary[11] Experian Yes[11] FICO 8[11]
Credit Sesame Monthly summary[12] TransUnion[12] Last 4 digits only[12] VantageScore 3.0[12]
LendingTree Monthly summary[13] TransUnion[13] Last 4 digits only[13] VantageScore 3.0[10]
Mint by Intuit Monthly summary[14] TransUnion[14] Yes[14] VantageScore 3.0[15]
myBankrate Monthly full report[16] TransUnion[16] Last 4 digits only VantageScore 3.0[16]
MyCredit Guide by American Express Weekly full report[17] TransUnion[17] Last 4 digits only VantageScore 3.0[17]
NerdWallet Weekly full report[18] TransUnion[18] Last 4 digits only[18] VantageScore 3.0[18]
Nav Every 30 days Experian and Dun & Bradstreet[19] Yes VantageScore 3.0[19]
QLCredit by Quicken Loans Biweekly full report[20] TransUnion[20] Yes[20] VantageScore 3.0[10]
Quizzle by Bankrate Quarterly full report[21] TransUnion[21] Last 4 digits only[21] VantageScore 3.0[10]
WalletHub Daily full report[22] TransUnion[22] Last 4 digits only[22] VantageScore 3.0[10]

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