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The following chart compares websites that provide U.S. credit reports and/or credit scores for free. The chart specifies what's free and what kind of credit reports are included. According to the Federal Trade Commission, " is the ONLY authorized source for the free annual credit report."[1]

Many credit card companies also provide free FICO credit scores to their customers.[2]

Comparison of free credit report and credit score websites
Name/Website Cost of credit report Cost of credit score Credit card required? Social Security Number required? Report type Score type Free; one from each agency every 12 months[3] Not available No[3] Yes[3] Equifax, Experian, TransUnion[3]
AMEX Free Experian credit report summary Free; once monthly Yes Yes Experian FICO Score 8
myBankrate Free; once monthly[4] Free; once monthly[4] No[4] TransUnion[4] VantageScore 3.0[4]
Citi Free Equifax credit report summary Free; once monthly Yes Yes Equifax FICO Score 8 Free Experian credit report summary[5] Free; once every two weeks[5] No[5] Yes[5] None[5] Experian's National Equivalency Score,[5] VantageScore 3.0[6]
Credit Concierge powered by Free; once monthly[7] Free; once monthly[7] No[7] Yes[7] TransUnion[7] TransRisk Score[8]
Credit Karma Free reports from both Equifax and TransUnion; once weekly[9] Free; once weekly[9] No[9] Last 4 digits only[9] TransUnion, Equifax[9] VantageScore 3.0,[6]
Credit Sesame Free TransUnion credit report summary; once every month[10] Free; once every month[10] No[10] Last 4 digits only[10] None[10] VantageScore 3.0[10]
CreditWise from Capital One Free TransUnion credit report summary[11] Free; once weekly[11] No[11] Yes[11] None[11] VantageScore 3.0[11]
Discover Free TransUnion credit report summary Free; once monthly Yes Yes TransUnion FICO Score 8
Discover Credit Scorecard Free Experian credit report summary[12] Free; once monthly[12] No[12] Yes[12] Experian FICO Score 8[12]
HSBC Not available[13] Free credit score; once monthly[13] Yes[13] Yes[13] Equifax[13] FICO NextGen/NG1
LendingTree Free TransUnion credit report summary[14] Free; once monthly[14] No[14] Last 4 digits only[14] TransUnion[14] VantageScore 3.0[6] Free Equifax credit report summary[15] Free; once every 3 months[15] No[15] Yes[15] Equifax[15] Likely proprietary[16] Free; once monthly[17] Free; once monthly[17] No[17] Equifax[17] Vantage Score 3.0[17]
NerdWallet Free; once weekly[18] Free; once weekly[18] No[18] Last 4 digits only[18] TransUnion[18] VantageScore 3.0[18] Free proprietary credit report summary[19] Free; once monthly[19] No[19] Yes[19] TransUnion[19] Vantage Score 3.0
QLCredit Free; once monthly[20] Free; once monthly[20] No[20] Yes[20] Equifax[20] VantageScore 3.0[6]
Quizzle Free; once every three months[21] Free; once every three months[21] No[21] Last 4 digits only[21] TransUnion[21] VantageScore 3.0[6]
WalletHub Free; once daily [22] Free; once daily [22] No[22] Last 4 digits only[22] TransUnion[22] VantageScore 3.0[6]
WisePiggy Free TransUnion credit report summary[23] Free; once monthly[23] No[23] Last 4 digits only[23] TransUnion[23] Vantage Score 3.0
Bank of America Free TransUnion credit report summary[24] Free; once monthly[24] Yes[24] Yes[24] TransUnion[24] FICO Score 8
Chase Credit Journey Free TransUnion credit report summary[25] Free; once weekly[25] No[25] Yes[25] TransUnion[25] Vantage Score 3.0
Chase Slate Free Experian credit report summary[26] Free; once monthly[26] Yes[26] Yes[26] Experian[26] FICO Score 8

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