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This comparison of wiki hosting services or wiki farms details only notable online services which host wiki-style editable web pages. General characteristics of cost, presence of advertising, licensing are compared, as are technical differences in editing, features, wiki engine, multilingual support and syntax support.

The usefully comprehensive comparison of wiki farms can be found on MediaWiki's site, at mw:Hosting services.

Table of services[edit]

This table compares general information for several of the more than 100 wiki hosting services that exist.[1]

Wiki hosting service Founded Cost Ad supported Content license WYSIWYG editing Subdomain Custom themes Database download / backup Other Features Base wiki engine Language Syntax support
Confluence Hosted
Non-free[a] ? Yes No ? ? Plugins, SSL, file storage, permissioning, WebDAV. WYSIWYG Rich-text editor[2]
script plugin
No formulas
iMeet Central
Non-free ? Yes No ? ? Access control, full-text search, calendaring, single sign-on to multiple projects, project templates, RSS enabled. [?] (custom) HTML,[1]
No formulas
Free/paid[3] No Yes No ? ? Lightweight real-time collaborative editor, search-as-you-type, graph visualizations, flexible import and export. On the fly conversion of Markdown input
Free No[4] Copyleft (choice of Creative Commons, GNU FDL, other licenses) Yes Yes ? ? Mailing lists, FTP, SSH, ddbb, email alias, backups, CVS/SVN, forums, task management. MoinMoin by default; custom supported Supports English, Spanish, French, and many other languages.
Non-free No Yes Yes Yes ? No page limits, SSL, RSS & Atom, email notifications, file management, page access settings. [?] (custom) All HTML,[1]
LaTeX formulas
Socialtext (Merged with PeopleFluent in 2012[5])
Non-free[6] No Wiki creators can set their own. Yes No ? ? Enterprise Wiki. Supports text, rich text, embedded images, video, and attachments (including from email). Derived from Kwiki
Free Yes Creative Commons Yes Yes, but not for multilingual wikis Yes Yes Common login and common preferences to all wikis of FANDOM for the same user. Blog, User Page, and User Talk pages for users. Forked version of MediaWiki All languages Wikipedia exists for (and some more); Community Support in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and several other languages.[citation needed] Wikitext as used by MediaWiki,
Some HTML,[1]JavaScript,
Math formula,
Free No Creative Commons (customizable) Yes Yes Yes Yes Support both public and private wiki. MediaWiki Any Wikitext as used by MediaWiki,
Math formula,
CSS and JavaScript,

Deprecated wiki hosts[edit]

This section is for hosts that were previously in the list above but no longer are up and running

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  1. ^ Confluence has no free hosted option, but offers free software for charitable nonprofits and open source projects.


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