Conquest of al-Hasa

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Conquest of al-Hasa
Part of Unification of Saudi Arabia
DateApril 1913

Sultanate of Nejd (Saudi) victory

  • Incorporation of al-Hasa into Saudi Sultanate
 Ottoman Empire

Flag of the Second Saudi State.svg Sultanate of Nejd

Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Unknown Flag of the Second Saudi State.svg Abdulaziz Ibn Saud
Units involved
Ottoman Empire Ottoman garrison Flag of Ikhwan.svgIkhwan militia[1]

The Conquest of al-Hasa was achieved by the Saudi forces of ibn Saud with support from the Ikhwan[1] in April 1913[2]. The Oasis of al-Hasa was conquered from an Ottoman garrison, who had controlled the area since 1871.[3]

Although Saudi Shia religious community leaders negotiated a surrender and recognition of the Wahhabi political authority in exchange for leniency, the Shia communities in al-Hasa and Qatif were subjected to harsh oversight and cruelty.[1]

The Ottomans swiftly acknowledged the loss of al-Hasa, and recognized al-Hasa and Nejd as being under the rule of Ibn Saud[2].

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