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Conrad Dunn (born Los Angeles) is an American actor. He began his screen career with the role of Francis "Psycho" Soyer in Stripes (1981). Working for some ten years under the name George Jenesky, he achieved soap-opera stardom in Days of Our Lives as Nick Corelli, a misogynistic pimp who evolved from bad guy to romantic lead. He returned to the name Conrad Dunn and began working extensively in Canadian as well as U.S. film and television. He excels as a villain, and has found depth in such TV films as We the Jury (1996) and the miniseries The Last Don (1997–1998). For two seasons he portrayed the superlatively competent freelance detective Saul Panzer in the A&E TV series A Nero Wolfe Mystery (2001–2002).


Year Title Role Notes
1981 Stripes Psycho
19811991 Days of Our Lives (TV series) Nick Corelli as George Jenesky
1983 T.J. Hooker (TV series) Douglas Nelson "Too Late for Love"
1983 Buffalo Bill (TV series) "Woody Quits"
1983 Alice (TV series) Customer "The Robot Wore Pink"
1985 Hill Street Blues (TV series) Sony "You're in Alice's"
1986 Stewardess School Referee as George Jenesky
1986 Jumpin' Jack Flash Man with Umbrella at Phone Booth as George Jenesky
1986 Amazing Stories (TV series) Gas Station Attendant
Warden's Guard
"Gather Ye Acorns" as George Jenesky
"Life on Death Row" as George Jenesky
1986 Hunter (TV series) Rocket
Tommy Orlowski
"The Set Up" as George Jenesky
"Presumed Guilty" as George Jenesky
1988 Alien Nation Quint as George Jenesky
1989 True Believer Slim Jim as George Jenesky
1990 Death Warrant Konefke as George Jenesky
1990 Tequila and Bonetti (TV series) Wayne "Mama" as George Jenesky
1990 Dark Justice (TV series) Ted "Prime Cuts" as George Jenesky
1993 Inside Edge Hip-Hop as George Jenesky
1993 Without Warning: Terror in the Towers (TV) Mohammed Salameh as George Jenesky
1995 Highlander (TV series) Matthew "Blind Faith"
1995 The Marshal (TV series) Louie-Louie "Rainbow Comix"
1995 Due South (TV series) Siracusa "The Witness"
1996 Side Effects (TV series) Dr. Irwin Pfaff "Behind the Scenes"
1996 Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Ice (TV) Henry Gore
1996 Mask of Death Frank Dallio
1996 Silent Trigger Klein
1996 We the Jury (TV) Rafael Ramos
1996 Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (TV series) Mr. Marsden "Who Is Kwai Chang Caine?"
1997 The Last Don (TV miniseries) Lia Vazzi
1997 F/X: The Series (TV series) "Script Doctor"
1997 Goosebumps (TV series) Grimm "The Barking Ghost"
1997 The New Ghostwriter Mysteries (TV series) Harry "Designer Crime"
1998 Mr. Headmistress Farley
1998 The Last Don II (TV miniseries) Lia Vazzi
1999 Traders (TV series) "Eat the Loss"
1999 Vendetta (TV) Pasquale Corte
1999 The Famous Jett Jackson (TV series) Marley "Saving Mr. Dupree"
1999 Black and Blue (TV) Enrique
1999 Execution of Justice (TV) Gay Teacher
2000 Harry's Case (TV)
2000 La Femme Nikita (TV series) The Director of Red Cell "Sleeping with the Enemy"
2000 Witchblade (TV) Tommy Gallo
2000 Turn It Up Urie
2001 Haven (TV miniseries) Josef
20012002 A Nero Wolfe Mystery (TV series) Saul Panzer "The Doorbell Rang"
"Champagne for One"
"Prisoner's Base"
"Eeny, Meeny, Murder, Moe"
"Disguise for Murder"
"Door to Death"
"Christmas Party"
"Over My Dead Body"
"Death of a Doxy"
"The Next Witness"
"Too Many Clients"
"Before I Die"
"The Silent Speaker"
2002 Witchblade (TV series) Tommy Gallo "Emergence"
2002 Martin and Lewis (TV) Lou Perry
2002 Chicago Doctor
2003 Control Factor (TV) Thrillkill
2003 Owning Mahowny Edgar
2003 Blue Murder (TV series) "John Doe"
2003 Veritas: The Quest (TV series) Moondawg "Skulls"
2004 Direct Action Captain Stone
2004 Zeyda and the Hitman Mr. Valenti
2004 Clubhouse (TV series) Defense Lawyer "Road Trip"
2004 The Eleventh Hour (TV series) "Megan Ice Cream"
2005 Cool Money (TV) City
2006 Puppets Who Kill (TV series) Plumber "Mr. Big"
2006 At the Hotel (TV series) Señor Arioso "Modern Solutions to Modern Problems"
2006 Covert One: The Hades Factor (TV miniseries) Ghalib Hassan
2006 Jeff Ltd. (TV series) Vincent "Ali Baba and the 40 Carpets"
"Nightmare on Stevens Street"
2007 Animal 2 Kasada
2007 Degrassi: The Next Generation (TV series) Vlad "Don't You Want Me?"
2007 The Dead Zone (TV series) Frankie Toro "Drift"
2009 Murdoch Mysteries (TV series) Professor Otranto "Snakes and Ladders"
2011 XIII: The Series (TV series) Peralta "Costa Verde"
2012 Suits (TV series) Oscar Mendoza "Break Point"

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