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Continental Square

Continental Square is a 60,000 square feet (5,600 m2) office complex located in Roissypôle on the grounds of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, in Tremblay-en-France, France, developed by Seifert Architects.[1][2] The complex has a surface area of 50,000 square metres (540,000 sq ft) and consists of eight buildings.[3] The buildings have underground walkways that link to restaurants and other facilities under pyramid roofs.[2]


GA was the builder and owner of Continental Square.[4] Seifert Architects was the architect of the approximately 25,000-square-metre (270,000 sq ft) complex, which was built with off-site manufactured elements.[5]

In 1994 around half of the 24,000 square metres (260,000 sq ft) in the complex was occupied.[6] In 1995 the space was 70% leased, and the owner reduced rent rates.[4] In 1997 the center, then owned by GCI, was 80% occupied.[7]

In 2009 Aéroports de Paris, the operator of CDG Airport, and GE Capital Real Estate France via the subsidiary Foncière Ariane SAS signed an agreement to form a partnership managing the complex.[3] SAS Roissy Continental Square is the name of the partnership.[8] The partnership was finalized in December 2009.[9]


XL Airways France has its head office in the Bâtiment Mars in Continental Square II.[10] ProLogis has offices in the Bâtiment Saturne.[11] Air France operates the Vaccinations Center at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport in the Bâtiment Uranus.[12] Servair, an Air France subsidiary, has its head office in Continental Square.[13]


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