Ringbolt hitching

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Ringbolt hitching
Continuous ring hitching
NamesRingbolt hitching, Continuous ring hitching, Single ringbolt hitching, Kackling, Keckling
Typical useTo prevent damage from the ring
ABoK#3602, #3604
Alternate ring hitching.

Ringbolt hitching is a series of hitches made around a ring. Covering a ring in hitching can prevent damage if the ring is likely to chafe or strike against something, such as a mooring line or mast.


Continuous ring hitching, also known as single ringbolt hitching, is a series of identical hitches made around a ring. This is considered the simplest form of ringbolt hitching.[1]


Alternate ring hitching, also known as kackling or keckling, is a type of ringbolt hitching formed with a series of alternate left and right hitches made around a ring.[1]

As a means of dampening sound in row boats when a covert night operation was being undertaken, oar handles were wrapped in keckling knots to prevent wood rubbing on wood.[2]

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