Corrigan (surname)

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For other uses, see Corrigan.
Family name
Meaning "descendant of Corragán"
Region of origin Ireland
Language(s) of origin Irish
Related names Currigan, Carrigan
Clan affiliations O' Corrigan

The Corrigan (O'Corrigan, Carrigan, Corocan, Courigan, Currigan) surname is of Irish origin. Corrigan means a "Spear" in Irish. It is believed to have originated from Coirdhecan in Eoghain. It is also believed to be connected to the Maguire clan. The Corrigan surname was common in the 17th century in County Fermanagh. Today it has spread across most of Ireland and to the United States and Canada.

The Irish sept Ó Corragáin, whose stronghold was in County Fermanagh, is the origin of the names Corrigan, Carrigan, Courigan, Corgan, and Currigan. Early records in the Annals of the Four Masters indicate the name was associated with clerics and abbots. It was well established during the Middle Ages, spreading south into the counties of Monaghan, Meath, Roscommon and Offaly. The village of Ballycorrigan near Nenagh in County Tipperary indicates the name also spread to that county.

A Corrigan Coat of Arms consists of a chevron between two trefoils slipt, in chief and in base a wingless dragon passant vert. The motto is: Consilio et Impetu (English: By counsel and Force).

Persons with the surname Corrigan[edit]

Persons with the surname Currigan[edit]

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  • Martin D. Currigan (Ireland 1845–1900), local Irish-American politician in state of Colorado
  • Thomas G. Currigan (1920–2014), local American politician in the state of Colorado; grandson of Martin D. Currigan

Persons with the surname Carrigan[edit]

  • Denis Carrigan (Kilkenny, Ireland) local Irish farmer
  • Lynnsey Carrigan, American author[1]

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