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A corsair is a privateer or pirate, especially:

Corsair may also refer to:

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  • Corsair Gaming (formerly Corsair Components), an American computer peripherals and hardware company
  • Corsair International (formerly Corsairfly and Corsair), a French airline
  • Corsair Marine, a builder of trimaran sailboats
  • Corsair, an imprint of publisher [[Constable & Robinson#History|]]





  • Edsel Corsair, an American automobile of the late fifties
  • Ford Corsair, a British car model of the late 1960s, and an Australian model of the late 1980s
  • Corsair motorcycle, built by Cotton
  • Corsair, a GWR Bogie Class broad gauge locomotive that was built for and run on the Great Western Railway between 1849 and 1873
  • Corsair, locomotive No. 3037 of the GWR 3031 Class that was built for and run on the Great Western Railway between 1894 and 1908
  • Lincoln Corsair, a compact American crossover
  • Phantom Corsair, a prototype two-door sedan built in 1938


  • Corsair I, a yacht built by William Cramp and Sons for Charles J. Osborn and bought by J. P. Morgan in 1882
  • Corsair II, a yacht built for J. P. Morgan in 1891, which served as USS Gloucester during the Spanish–American War
  • Corsair III, a yacht built in 1898 for J. P. Morgan (the last he owned), that served the US Navy in World Wars I and II, in the latter as USS Oceanographer
  • Corsair IV, a yacht built for J. P. Morgan Jr. in 1930, the largest built in the United States
  • Corsair (dinghy), a class of sixteen-foot three-handed sailing dinghies

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