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Cortaderia selloana0.jpg
Cortaderia selloana
pampas grass
Scientific classification

Type species
Cortaderia argentea
(Nees) Stapf
  • Lamprothyrsus Pilg
  • Moorea Lem.

Cortaderia is a genus of South American and Central American plants in the Poaceae grass family.[4][5]

The species of Cortaderia are imposing tall grasses growing 1.5–3 m tall, with graceful white inflorescence plumes. They are in widespread use as ornamental plants. The common name pampas grass, though strictly referring to C. selloana, is frequently applied to all species in the genus (and sometimes also to species of Erianthus and Saccharum ravennae). The name of the genus is derived from the Argentine Spanish word cortadera, which in turn refers to the sharp serrations on the leaves.[6] Cortaderia jubata and C. rudiuscula produce copious seed asexually.

  1. Cortaderia araucana Stapf - Chile, Argentina
  2. Cortaderia atacamensis (Phil.) Pilg. - Chile, Argentina, Bolivia
  3. Cortaderia bifida Pilg. - Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
  4. Cortaderia boliviensis M.Lyle - Bolivia
  5. Cortaderia columbiana (Pilg.) Pilg. - Venezuela, Colombia
  6. Cortaderia hapalotricha (Pilg.) Conert - Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
  7. Cortaderia hieronymi (Kuntze) N.P.Barker & H.P.Linder - Bolivia, Peru, Argentina
  8. Cortaderia jubata (Lemoine ex Carrière) Stapf – Andean pampas grass - Andes of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina; naturalized in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Oregon, California, Hawaii
  9. Cortaderia modesta (Döll) Hack. ex Dusén - southern Brazil
  10. Cortaderia nitida (Kunth) Pilg. - Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  11. Cortaderia peruviana (Hitchc.) N.P.Barker & H.P.Linder - Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
  12. Cortaderia pilosa (d'Urv.) Hack. - Chile, Argentina, Falkland Islands
  13. Cortaderia planifolia Swallen - Colombia, Peru
  14. Cortaderia pungens Swallen - Colombia, Peru, Venezuela
  15. Cortaderia roraimensis (N.E.Br.) Pilg. - Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, northwestern Brazil
  16. Cortaderia rudiuscula Stapf - Andes of Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia
  17. Cortaderia selloana (Schult. & Schult.f.) Asch. & Graebn. – pampas grass - Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia; naturalized in parts of northern South America, Mesoamerica, West Indies, southern USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mediterranean Basin, etc.
  18. Cortaderia sericantha (Steud.) Hitchc. - Colombia, Peru
  19. Cortaderia speciosa (Nees) Stapf - Chile, Argentina, Bolivia
  20. Cortaderia vaginata Swallen - southern Brazil
formerly included[3]

see Austroderia Chionochloa Chusquea Phragmites


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