Costa Rican women's football championship

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Costa Rican women's football championship
Country Costa Rica
Confederation CONCACAF
Founded 2000
Current champions Arenal Coronado

The Costa Rican women's football championship is the main women's football competition in Costa Rica. It was established in 2000.


The league is played in the Apertura and Clausura format. The Apertura is played from spring to autumn, and the Clausura from autumn to spring. In each of those the top 4 finishers play a semi-final and final. After both season halves are finished, the Apertura and Clausura champion meet in a championship final to crown the champion. Should one team have won Apertura and Clausura, it is the champion without having to play a final.

List of finals[edit]

The list of champions:[1]

Year Champion Result Apertura champion
starting in autumn
Clausura champion
starting in spring
2000 AD Desamparados
2001 AD Desamparados
2002 AD Desamparados
2003 UCEN Alajuela
2004 UCEN Alajuela no final played UCEN Alajuela UCEN Alajuela
2005 CCD San José 3–2 H, 4–1 A Cartago CCD San José
2006 Mapache Carillo 2–0 H, 5–3 A Mapache Carillo Moravia
2007 CCD San José
2008 Arenal (Coronado)
2009 UCEN Alajuela 4–2 Arenal UCEN Alajuela
2010 Arenal (Coronado)
2011[2] Arenal Coronado 4–1 A, 3–0 H Arenal Coronado AD Cartago
2012 Saprissa FF


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