Crepis capillaris

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Crepis capillaris
Crepis capillaris 2005.07.10 09.09.34.jpg
Scientific classification
C. capillaris
Binomial name
Crepis capillaris

The smooth hawksbeard, Crepis capillaris, is a species in the dandelion tribe within the sunflower family, native to Europe. It has become naturalized in other lands and is regarded as a weed in some places.[2][3][4]

Crepis capillaris is a low, annual plant commonly found on roadsides, the stems often trailing along the ground but sometimes erect, the leaves sometimes forming a rosette. It flowers from July to September in the Northern Hemisphere, producing an array of numerous small flower heads. Each head has as many as 60 yellow ray florets but no disc florets.


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