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Crown Media Holdings, Inc.
Founded 1994 (Hallmark Entertainment)
1995 (Crown Media)
2000 (IPO)[1]
Founder Hallmark Cards
Headquarters Studio City, California, United States of America
Key people
Bill Abbott (CEO, President)
Products Hallmark Channel
Revenue US$279.6 million (2009)
US$37.56 million (2009)
-US$22.59 million (2009)
Total assets US$698 million (2009)
Total equity -US$698 million (2009)[2]
Number of employees
159 (2010)

Crown Media Holdings, Inc. (a.k.a. Crown Media) is a United States media production company with corporate headquarters located in Studio City, California, and is controlled by Hallmark Cards.

Crown Media operates the Hallmark Channel and its spin-off Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in the United States, while it licenses the brand to Universal Networks International for the British channel of the same name. In 2003, Crown Media acquired The Jim Henson Company's half of Hallmark Channel in the UK, discontinuing all syndicated programming from Jim Henson Television.

Crown Media has no connection with the UK company Crown Media LLP.


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