Crown of Polish Mountains

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Rysy – border summit
Babia Góra

Crown of Polish Mountains – a list of 28 peaks one per each of the mountain ranges of Poland. It was suggested by geographer, traveller and writer Marek Więckowski [pl] and Dr. Wojciech Lewandowski in the tourism and local lore magazine Know Your Country [pl]. The list was on December 12, 1997 at a meeting convened by the editors of Know Your Country and at the same time the Club of the Conquerors of the Crown of Polish Mountains was inaugurated.

The original idea was to be a list containing the highest peak of each range. However it was decided to consider only most prominent peaks which had a marked hiking trail at the time of the compiling of the list. In addition, the authors made several significant mistakes in the selection of peaks, e.g. by omitting some mountain ranges in the rank of a mesoregion, and placing others in the rank of a microregion. According to the new physical and geographical regionalization of Poland published in 2018, there are more peaks in the Crown, e.g. the Tatra Mountains in Poland consist of three mesoregions: the Reglowe Tatras, the Western Tatras and the High Tatras.


Lp. Peak mountain range High (m a.s.l.)
1 Rysy Tatra Mountains 2500[1]
2 Babia Góra Żywiec Beskids 1725
3 Śnieżka Karkonosze 1603
4 Śnieżnik Śnieżnik Massif 1426
5 Tarnica Bieszczady Mountains 1346
6 Turbacz Gorce Mountains 1310
7 Radziejowa Beskid Sądecki 1262
8 Skrzyczne Silesian Beskids 1257
9 Mogielica Island Beskids 1171
10 Wysoka Kopa Jizera Mountains 1126
11 Rudawiec Bialskie Mountains 1112
12 Orlica Orlickie Mountains 1084
13 Wysoka (Wysokie Skałki) Pieniny 1050
14 Wielka Sowa Owl Mountains 1015
15 Lackowa Low Beskids 997
16 Kowadło Golden Mountains 989
17 Jagodna Bystrzyckie Mountains 977
18 Skalnik Rudawy Janowickie 945
19 Waligóra Stone Mountains 936
20 Czupel Little Beskids 933
21 Szczeliniec Wielki Stołowe Mountains 919
22 Lubomir Maków Beskids 904
23 Biskupia Kopa Opawskie Mountains 889
24 Chełmiec Waldenburg Mountains 851
25 Kłodzka Góra Bardzkie Mountains 765
26 Skopiec Katzbach Mountains 724
27 Ślęża Ślęża Massif 718
28 Łysica Świętokrzyskie Mountains 614

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  • Krzysztof Bzowski, Korona Polskich Gór, 2016, 184pp.


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