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Dôn (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈdoːn]) is a Welsh mother goddess. She does not play a direct part in the action of the Mabinogi, though many characters in that cycle are related to her. She is the mother of Arianrhod, Gwydion, Gilfaethwy, Gofannon, Eufydd, Elestron and Amaethon. Patrick K. Ford asserts that she is the equivalent of the Irish Danu and of the Gaulish goddess "whose name is preserved in the river name Danube (Donau)".[1]

This theonym appears to be derived from Proto-Celtic *Dānu meaning "fluvial water".[2]

The House of Dôn[edit]

Math fab Mathonwy
Dylan ail Don
Lleu Llaw Gyffes

In astronomy[edit]

Llys Dôn (literally "The Court of Dôn") is the traditional Welsh name for the constellation Cassiopeia. At least two of Dôn's children also have astronomical associations: Caer Gwydion ("The fortress of Gwydion") is the traditional Welsh name for the Milky Way, and Caer Arianrhod ("The Fortress of Arianrhod") being the constellation of Corona Borealis.

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