DBAG Class 474

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DBAG Baureihe 474/874
DBAG Class 474 in Diebsteich station
ManufacturerLHB, Bombardier
Number built121[1]
Operator(s)Deutsche Bahn AG
Hamburg S-Bahn
Train length66 m (216 ft 6 in)[1]
Maximum speed100 km/h (62 mph)[1]
Weight102 t (100 long tons; 112 short tons) (474.2)
94 t (93 long tons; 104 short tons) (474.2)
106 t (104 long tons; 117 short tons) (474.3)
Power output920 kW (1,230 bhp)[1]
Tractive effort144 kN (32,000 lbf)[1]
Electric system(s)1.2 kV DC (474.1-3)
Third rail
15 kV AC 16.7 Hz (474.3)
Current collector(s)Contact shoe DC,
pantograph AC
UIC classificationBo′Bo′+2′2′+Bo′Bo′
Braking system(s)Electric, Air
Safety system(s)Sifa, PZB
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) standard gauge

The DBAG Class 474/874 is a three-car electric multiple unit train for the Hamburg S-Bahn. The class 474 were built to replace the nearly-60-year-old class 471 trains. Some units have a pantograph (474.3) to service the 2007 opened line to Stade on an overhead catenary track.


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