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D no Arashi!
Original title Dの嵐!
Genre Variety show
Presented by Arashi
Opening theme "Fever" by Patti Drew
"Shake Ur Body" by Shy FX
"Heaven and Hell is on Earth" by 20th Century Steel Band
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of episodes 116
Producer(s) Toshio Matsuzaki
Yuko Iizuka
Kenji Suga
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Nippon TV
Original release July 2, 2003 (2003-07-02) – September 28, 2005 (2005-09-28)
Preceded by C no Arashi!
Followed by G no Arashi!
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D no Arashi (Dの嵐!, Document Press Arashi!) was a Japanese variety show that ran from July 2, 2003 to September 28, 2005 on NTV. Aired from 24:50 to 25:20 (JST), it was Japanese boy band Arashi's fifth variety show to be aired on NTV.


The show's theme was about at least one member acting as a reporter and document on different topics.[1] Later in the show, the group would split into one MC and two teams of two to compete in a "Fool's Curiosity" competition, in which the teams try to pique a special guest's curiosity with unusual experiments or information.[2][3]


Each member would often have their own "corner" on the show, in which he would be able to lead the other members or introduce a topic.

T no Arashi[edit]

Sho Sakurai's corner. The "T" stands for "toukou", which means submissions in Japanese. Sakurai would introduce supposedly unbelievable pictures of things such as giant food or strange bus stops, submitted by viewers of the show.

Corner guide
Air date Topic
2003-07-23 Bus stops
2003-09-10 Enormous things
2003-09-24 Looking at things at a different angle
Bus stops
2003-10-15 Stations
2003-10-22 Menus
2004-01-21 Toilets
2004-03-10 Short things
2004-05-19 Things you would have thought were real
2004-09-08 Horror pictures
2005-02-16 Magazines

C no Arashi[edit]

Different from their preceding show's theme, the "C" stood for "Contest" instead of "Claim". With themes such as person with the longest tongue or person who is most flexible, the Arashi members would watch each contestant demonstrate, for example, the length of their tongue or the degree of flexibility and vote for who they thought was the best.

Corner guide
Air date Contest
2003-10-29 Strangest voice
Best natural perm
2003-12-24 Most flexible
Skinniest body
2004-03-31 Most idiotic face
Most dramatic difference between face with and without make-up
2004-06-09 Longest tongue
Best death scene
2004-06-23 Best yankee power
2004-08-11 Longest tongue

A no Arashi[edit]

Masaki Aiba's corner. Aiba would propose, often pointless, experiments for the other members of Arashi to try out.

Corner guide
Air date Experiments
2003-11-19 What will happen if you put a rubber ball, a rose, toothpaste, an egg, tofu and ramen into liquid nitrogen?
What will happen if you drop a heated pachinko ball into a block of ice?
If you equally mix pepper and sugar in water, will it taste spicy or sweet?
2003-12-03 How many meters is the limit of drinking from a straw?
2003-12-17 What will happen to a chameleon's skin if you leave it in the dark?
2004-01-14 Is it possible for a person to be lifted up into the air using balloons?
2004-01-21 What will happen if you pour water, honey, oil and ice into a container? Will it stay in that order?
Why is it when you pour oil into a large container with a small container inside, the small container becomes invisible?
2004-03-03 Will the motorbike courier walk or use his motorbike if you request for a package delivery to the building right next door?
2004-04-21 How long will it take for instant noodles to cook in cold water?
2004-05-19 What will happen if you filter coffee, tea and orange juice through a water purifier?
If you place a heater near an electric fan, will the wind become warm?
What will happen if you throw pie at a fencing mask?
What will happen if you wrap a cold compress around a canned drink?
2004-07-28 If you place a boombox into a bag of helium, will the sound change?
Will a cymbal-banging monkey toy be able to crack open an egg?
Will the kettle whistle if you put dry ice in instead of water?
What will happen if you put dry ice into syrup?
What is the taste of sugar after drinking lemon juice and licking salt and pepper?
Is it possible to make an "A" on the human body using hot and cold plasters?
2004-09-01 Can a vacuum suck in a person?
2004-09-29 Can you drink juice using a chikuwa, a recorder and a lotus root as a straw?
How long does it take for electricity to travel?
What is the taste of a heated banana, shortcake, hiyashi chūka, nattō, jelly and sushi?
Can two people, who are not talking to each other directly over the phone, be able to talk to each other by fitting two telephone receivers together?
What is the taste of peanuts, fava beans, almonds and soybeans after you run them through a coffeemaker?
How do Australians draw feces?
Can a radio from Japan receive Japanese radio stations in Australia?
What is the direction of the magnetic needle of a compass in Australia?

Ni no Arashi[edit]

Kazunari Ninomiya's corner. Ninomiya would pull pranks on the other members.

Corner guide
Air date Prank
2004-02-11 Arrest of a staff member in the middle of filming
2004-02-18 Fake tempura in a bento
2004-03-31 Fake bear in the van
2004-07-21 Vomiting fake blood
2004-09-08 After a multitude of encores, the members return to find elderly women demanding for another encore in their dressing room
Having the concert audience call out for "Ninomiya" instead of "Arashi" for an encore
2004-09-22 Sudden spray of carbon dioxide from the ceiling
2005-02-09 Tricking Tetsurō Degawa into thinking he is pranking the other Arashi members while he is actually the one getting pranked
2005-07-27 Isolating Ohno in a room where a fake suicide occurred

M no Arashi[edit]

Jun Matsumoto's corner. With the "M" standing for Mendokusai (めんどくさい, Troublesome), Matsumoto would go to do troublesome jobs.

Corner guide
Air date Requester Job
2004-07-14 Aiba Picking up trash off Route 357
2004-08-18 Ohno Cleaning up a river
2004-09-01 Sakurai Taking pictures of Sakurai during the concert
Ninomiya Becoming Ninomiya's private backup dancer
Aiba Piggybacking Aiba during the concert
Ohno Throwing confetti over Ohno
2004-12-08 Staff of D no Arashi Cleaning the staff room

O no Arashi[edit]

Satoshi Ohno's corner. Ohno would randomly select two out of 100 photos and draw the two subjects together in one drawing using his own imagination.

Corner guide
Air date Combinations
2004-08-18 Washroom sign and Saigō Takamori
2004-09-08 Baseball and a flamingo
2004-09-29 A statue of Hachikō and Ninomiya
2004-12-01 Moyai statue and kettle
2005-02-02 An injection and a blue ogre
2005-04-13 Ferris wheel, Rubik's Cube and a lion


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