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Variant(s) Dahle, Dahlen, Dahlin, Dahlinger, Dahlem, Dallen, Dallin, Dahlstrom, Dale

Dahl or Dahle is a surname of Germanic origin. Dahl, which means valley in the North Germanic languages (tal in German, dale in northern England English), is common in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Faroe Islands. The origin of the German forms Dahl and Dahle may have been in medieval Westphalia. In Germany about 11 places are called Dahl. In the Netherlands, a suburb of the city of Nijmegen (which in turn is named after an old estate in the area[1]) is called "Heyerdaal" (also spelled as "Heijerdaal"), in which "daal" also means "valley". A few others are "Bloemendaal", "Rozendaal" en "Roosendaal". There are several variations as it was common to add a suffix to Dahl in order to denote the name bearer's original locale or occupation. You also find several variations of -dahl used with prefixes (Heyerdahl, Heimendahl...).[2] The oldest record of the name appears in Austria.[3] People with the surname include:


Arts and media[edit]

Education and academia[edit]


  • Arne Dagfin Dahl (1894-1990), Norwegian general and commander of the Independent Norwegian Brigade Group in Germany
  • Larry G. Dahl (1949–1971), US Army veteran and Medal of Honor recipient






Arts and music[edit]

  • Gro Dahle (born 1962), Norwegian poet and writer
  • Kurt Dahle (contemporary), Canadian rock drummer
  • Ryan Dahle (born 1970), Canadian rock musician


  • Herman Dahle (1855–1920), American politician from Wisconsin; U.S. congressman
  • Kevin Dahle (born 1960), American politician from Minnesota; state legislator
  • Torstein Dahle (born 1947), Norwegian politician and economist


  • Mona Dahle (born 1970), Norwegian Olympic handball player


  • Johann Dahle (1749-1847), Hessian soldier and pioneering Virginian
  • Øystein Dahle (born 1938), Norwegian businessman and organizational leader

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