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Daigo Naito
DAIGO Naito.jpg
Background information
Birth nameDaigo Naito
Also known asDAIGO
Born (1978-04-08) April 8, 1978 (age 43)
Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
Years active1997–present
Associated actsBreakerz

Daigo Naitō (内藤 大湖, Naitō Daigo, born April 8, 1978, in Tokyo, Japan), formerly known as Daigo☆Stardust, is a Japanese singer-songwriter, actor, talent, and voice actor. He debuted in 2003 as Daigo Stardust under Victor Entertainment. In 2007, he formed the rock band Breakerz. With the solo debut of Akihide, Daigo continued his solo project in 2013, but dropped the pseudonym surname "Stardust".

His best known acting role was as Yukichi Oishi in Love Shuffle.

Personal life[edit]

1978–2001: Early Life[edit]

Daigo was born April 8, 1978, in Nakano, Tokyo. He lived in Ichikawa, Chiba from age 3 to the summer of third grade. He moved back to Tokyo after his grandfather, Noboru Takeshita became the Prime minister of Japan. He attended Tamagawa Gakuen. He attended Tamagawa University Department of Arts, but dropped out. He developed a love of music at a young age when he listened to the Japanese rock band Boøwy and tried to learn the classical guitar, which he immediately quit to self study the electric guitar instead. He was also a fan of B'z, a major group under Daigo's current label. He formed a cover band for them in high school. He began voice training during his third year in high school, and formed the band JZEIL, and performed at his high school festival before graduating. At that time, various visual bands were active, and blond hair, flashy makeup, and sexy costumes were trademarks. JZEIL grew in popularity and was expected to make a professional debut, but that did not occur and the band was dissolved on September 25, 2001.

2001–2007: DAIGO☆STARDUST[edit]

After the band disbanded, he started his activity as a solo singer with the name "DAIGO with The space toys" At age 25, with the help of photographer Katou Masonori, he made his debut as DAIGO☆STARDUST on July 21, 2003, deriving the name from David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust persona.


His maternal grandfather was Noboru Takeshita, the former prime minister of Japan, and his older sister is Eiko Naitō, a manga artist who is best known as Eiki Eiki.

He married Keiko Kitagawa, who played Sailor Mars in the live-action series Sailor Moon, on January 11, 2016.[1][2]



  • Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu (September 2010) as Tomoya Ishiguro
  • Ultraman Saga (March 2012) as Taiga Nozomu/Ultraman Zero
  • Stand Up! Vanguard (September 2012) as Himself
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard: The Three Games (August 2014) as Himself
  • The Lies She Loved (2017) as Kimura
  • Nisekoi (2018) as Claude
  • Fortuna's Eye (2019) as Kazuyuki Utsui
  • Love Stage!! (2020) as Shōgo Sena (reprising his role from the anime)





Singles (In BREAKERZ)[edit]

  1. SUMMER PARTY / LAST EMOTION (2008.07.09) No. 10
  2. Sekai wa Odoru / Shakunetsu (世界は踊る/灼熱) (2008.09.24) No. 6
  3. Angelic Smile / WINTER PARTY (2008.11.05) No. 9
  4. GRAND FINALE (2009.18.02) No. 6
  5. Everlasting Luv / BAMBINO (Everlasting Luv/BAMBINO 〜バンビーノ〜) (2009.08.04) No. 2
  6. Hikari (, Light) (2009.07.15) No. 6
  7. LOVE FIGHTER ~Koi no Battle~ (LOVE FIGHTER 〜恋のバトル〜) (2009.11.04) No. 5
  8. Gekijou / hEaVeN (激情/hEaVeN, Passion) (2010.07.14) No. 5
  9. BUNNY LOVE / REAL LOVE 2010 (2010.11.03) No. 4
  10. Tsukiyo no Itazura no Mahō (月夜の悪戯の魔法/CLIMBER×CLIMBER) (2011.04.27) No. 5
  11. Last Pray (LAST ✝ PRAY/絶対! I LOVE YOU) (2011.07.13) No. 8
  12. Miss Mystery in Case Closed or Detective Conan (2012.01.25) No. 5
  13. Overwrite / Nounai Survivor (オーバーライト/脳内Survivor) (2012.06.13) No. 5
  14. RUSTY HEARTS (2013.01.16) No. 6
  15. WE GO in Case Closed or Detective Conan (2015.05.20) No. 9
  16. YAIBA in Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis


  1. MARIA (2003.07.21)
  2. Eien no Space Cowboy (永遠のスペースカウボーイ) (2003.10.22)
  3. ROCK THE PLANET (2004.04.21)
  4. Daisy / SUMMER ROSE (デイジー) (2004.07.21)
  5. SCAPEGOAT (2005.06.22)
  6. SUPERJOY (2005.09.22)

As Daigo[edit]

  1. いつも抱きしめて /無限∞REBIRTH (Itsumo Dakishimete / Mugen∞Rebirth) (2013.07.31)
  2. BUTTERFLY/いま逢いたくて… (Butterfly/Ima Aitakute...)
  3. Deing (2018.12.05)

Albums (In BREAKERZ)[edit]

  1. BREAKERZ (2007.07.25) did not chart
  2. CRASH & BUILD (2007.12.05) No. 300
  3. BIG BANG! (2008.11.26) No. 8
  4. FIGHTERZ (2009.12.02) No. 7
  5. GO (2011.09.21) No. 3
  6. 0 -ZERO- (2015.07.29) No. 13

Mini Albums (In BREAKERZ)[edit]

  1. Ao no Mirai (アオノミライ, Pale Future) (2008.04.02) No. 123
  2. B.R.Z ACOUSTIC (2010.04.08) No. 9


  1. The space toy (2003.11.21)
  2. HELLO CRAZY GENTLEMAN (2005.11.23)
  3. DAIGO☆STARDUST BEST (2009.02.25)


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