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The front of daliel's Bookstore and Gallery in Berkeley, CA, in 1946

daliel's (stylized with a lowercase 'd') was a bookstore in the San Francisco Bay Area in the U.S. state of California in the 1940s and 1950s. George Leite opened daliel's at 2466 Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, as a combination bookstore and art gallery in 1945, naming it after a half-brother in Portugal he had never met, Dalael Leite.[1] The store was also the home of Circle Magazine[2] and Circle Editions, the publishing ventures Leite established at the same time. Artists featured in the daliel's Gallery included painter Zahara Schatz, jazz musician Dave Brubeck from Concord, sculptor Jean Varda, and jeweler Peter Macchiarini. One show in 1950 was by a group of nuns from Oregon who had been taught in a summer class at their college by Varda.[3] The store closed in 1952 several years after the magazine ceased publication.[4]


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