Damavand Mineral Water Co.

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Damavand Mineral Water Company
Private company
Industry Manufacturer
Founded 1973 (1973)
Headquarters Amol, Iran
Area served
Products Mineral water and soft drinks
Number of employees
Website website

Damavand Mineral Waters Company (Persian: شرکت آب‌های معدنی دماوند‎‎) is the leader and largest bottled mineral water producer in Iran. It is a joint venture with Danone Group, number 2 in bottled water worldwide.

In 2010 and in 2015 Iran's Health ministry announced that Damavand bottled water had microbal infection and the company was prosecuted.[1][2][3][4]


In 1973, the company Perrier from France in association with local investors decided to build a mineral water plant in Iran.

Damavand Mineral Water packing

In 1977, after all the installations were done, they started some testing and analyzing of the water in 4 different season to make sure that the mineral percentages are constant and in 1978, the company started to present its products to the market as the first mineral water company in Iran.

In 1998, GROUP CASTEL from France became partner with the Iranians owners and they started to grow the firm.

In 2006, group Danone from France (the leader of mineral water in the world, owner of brands such as EVIAN & VOLVIC) bought Group Castel's share. Today, Damavand water is the leader of more than 370 MB per year. It has around 400 employees and one of the most efficient distribution system with 7 warehouses across the country.

In 2010 NATO army in Afghanistan rejected Damavand bottled water, and Iran's Health ministry announced that Damavand bottled water was polluted.[1]

In 2015 Iran's Health ministry announced that Damavand bottled water has microbal infection and the company is prosecuted.[2][3][4]


The products are all in PET bottles with the most advanced European machines:


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