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Flowers from twelve species of the family Asteraceae: 1. Yellow chamomile 2. Garland chrysanthemum 3. Coleostephus myconis 4. Marguerite 5. Sow thistle 6. Chicory 7. Treasure flower 8. Purple milk thistle 9. Field marigold 10. Ox-eye daisy 11. Common hawkweed 12. Cape daisy

A damned or damn yellow composite (DYC) is any of the numerous species of composite flowers (family Asteraceae) that have yellow flowers and can be difficult to tell apart in the field.[1][2] It is a jocular term, and sometimes reserved for those yellow composites of no particular interest.[1] Notable individuals who referred to these difficult yellow composites as "DYCs" include Oliver Sacks[3] and Lady Bird Johnson.[4]

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