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Dan Weyandt
Zao US band.jpg
Dan Weyandt (in front) live with Zao
Background information
Birth name Daniel Weyandt
Origin Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres Christian metal, metalcore
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Vocals, bass guitar
Years active 1996–present
Labels Solid State, Ferret, Deadself, Haunted
Associated acts Sower,[1] Seasons in the Field, Zao, Lonely//Ghost//Parade, Bastard and Ghost Hospital, Grand National Hustler

Dan Weyandt is the third and current vocalist of the American Metalcore band, Zao. He was also the bassist for Seasons in the Field and current bassist for Lonely//Ghost//Parade. Weyandt is an outspoken Christian.[2] Weyandt is also a tattooer and owns a shop in his hometown, Greensburg, Pennsylvania.[3]


Seasons in the Field (1996-1998)[edit]

According to Zao's DVD, The Lesser Lights of Heaven, Weyandt started his music career with the band, Seasons in the Field with friends Guitarist Russ Cogdell, Drummer Bob Biggelo, and Vocalist Jason Keener. They were originally named Sower. After a while Drummer Bob Biggelo left, and was replaced by Stephen Peck.

They recorded their split album, Psalms of Ariana with Pensive. Their song, "Eternity" on the compilation album Blessed be the Killing from Deadself Records. In 1998, Seasons in the Field dis-banded, and Weyandt and Cogdell joined Zao.[4] The Full Line-up was:[5]

Last known
  • Jason Keener - vocals
  • Russ Cogdell - guitar
  • Dan Weyandt - bass, backing vocals
  • Stephen Peck - drums
  • Bob Biggello - drums
  • Jeremiah Momper - guitar

Zao (1998–present)[edit]

After Seasons in the Field broke up, Weyandt and Cogdell were recruited by drummer Jesse Smith of Zao, along with Brett Detar of Pensive (Who later started The Juliana Theory), following Shawn Jonas, Roy Goudy, and Mic Cox leaving. They recorded their Zao debut, and Solid State Records debut, Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest. In 1998, Zao recorded the Training for Utopia / Zao split EP with Training for Utopia.

After recording the EP, Detar left, and was replaced by Scott Mellinger (formerly of Creation Is Crucifixion). Bassist Rob Horner joined soon after and they recorded Liberate Te Ex Inferis. In 2000, Cogdell left for a time and the band recorded Self-Titled. Zao "broke-up" in 2001, but later in 2002 they re-formed and recorded Parade of Chaos. In 2004, Cogdell re-joined and they started to write new music, when Jesse Smith and Rob Horner left. Former Seasons in the Field member, Stephen Peck, along with bassist Shawn Koschick joined Zao and the band recorded The Funeral of God.

After this Peck and Koschick left the band and were replaced by Ex-Pensive member Martin Lunn and Jeff Gretz of From Autumn to Ashes. On the "Under the Gun Tour" in 2006, Weyandt broke four bones in his left hand. The band had to drop off the tour, due to his injuries.[6]

This line-up recorded The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here and Awake?. After Awake? the band went on five-year unofficial hiatus. They have recently resurfaced and have two releases coming soon. The bands' debut (That's not a Split) EP, Xenophobe was released on July 10, 2015. The band is due to release their 11th album, The Well Intentioned Virus on December 9, 2016.

Lonely//Ghost//Parade (2010–present)[edit]

In 2010, After Zao took a five-year hiatus, Weyandt, Mellinger, Stephen Peck, and Matt Vo (of Rhetoric) started a project, named Lonely//Ghost//Parade.[7] They have released a single titled "Stand in the Fire" and a Split EP with Feral King.[8]


Weyandt stated the bands that got him into heavy metal and hardcore punk were Passover, a local band that gained popularity, and Overcome.[4]


Weyandt is the primary lyrical composer of Zao. The Blood & Fire songs "Lies of Serpents" and "Ravage Ritual" deal with hypocrisy in the Christian Church, while songs like "To Think of You Is to Treasure an Absent Memory" deal with the death of family and friends.[9] Songs from Liberate such as "Savannah" deals with the suicide of a woman who got in a car accident. The song "Scars that Don't Speak" deals with an ex-girlfriend of Weyandt's being assaulted by a youth pastor. Songs off the upcoming album, The Well Intentioned Virus, deal with the miscarriage of Weyandt's child, fever dreams of Weyandt's personal experience, and a broken suicide pact.



  • Zao (1997–present)
  • Lonely//Ghost//Parade (2010–present)


  • Seasons in the Field (1996–1998)


  • Level Ground on Which to Stand (1996)
Seasons in the Field
  • Psalms of Ariana (1997, w/ Pensive)
  • "Stand in the Fire" Single (2010)
  • Feral King/Lonely Ghost Parade Split EP (2012)
Guest appearances
As Interviewee

Weyandt appears on Unearth's DVD, Alive from the Apocalypse.[10]


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