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Home and Away is an Australian television soap opera. It was first broadcast on the Seven Network on 17 January 1988. The following is a list of characters that first appeared in 1989, by order of first appearance. They were all introduced by the show's executive producer Des Monaghan. The 2nd season of Home and Away began airing on 23 January 1989. The first introduction of the year was Rebecca Fisher in April. Emily Symons joined the cast as Marilyn Chambers in May. In June, the serial saw the birth of Duncan Stewart, the first child of Alf and Ailsa and Mat Stevenson took on the role of Adam Cameron a fortnight later. Mouche Phillips joined as Viv Newton in July and September saw the arrival of Dannii Minogue as Emma Jackson.

Rebecca Nash[edit]

Rebecca Nash, debuted on screen during the episode airing on 3 April 1989. Belinda Emmett’s portrayal of Rebecca earned her nominations for the "Best New Talent" Logie Award in 1997. [1] and "Most Popular Actress" in 1998 and 1999.[2][3] Emmett was also nominated for a Gold Logie in 1999.[3] Emmett and her co-star Nic Testoni won "Best Couple" at the 1998 Inside Soap Awards[4] and were nominated again in the same category the following year.[5][6]

Marilyn Chambers[edit]

Marilyn Chambers, played by Emily Symons debuted on screen during the episode airing on 18 May 1989. Symons departed the serial in 1992 but returned in 1995 for another regular stint which lasted until 1999. Dannii Minogue originally auditioned for the role of Marilyn, but she was given the role of Emma Jackson and Emily Symons was cast instead.[7] Holy Soap called her "bubbly" and a "Dizzy blonde beautician".[8]

Duncan Stewart[edit]

Duncan Stewart made his first appearance in during the episode airing on 14 June 1989. Brendan McKensy’s portrayal of Duncan earned him a nomination for Best Young Actor at the 1999 Inside Soap Awards.[9]

Adam Cameron[edit]

Adam Cameron played by Mat Stevenson debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 28 June 1989. Stevenson had previously guested on rival soap opera Neighbours on Network Ten as petty criminal Skinner.[10] In an interview with The Sun-Herald, he said that the chance to play Adam was a role-reversal and part in Neighbours helped him become more level-headed.[11] Stevenson chose to move from his native Melbourne to Sydney for filming.[11] Stevenson quit the serial in 1994[12][13] Stevenson describes Adam is "a bit of a layabout" who is "capable of a kind word and good deed every now and then". However, Adam would "rather not" do either if doing so "interferes with having a good time or a lazy time". Stevenson said that he liked playing Adam, but noted he was nothing like his character because he is more responsible than Adam is.[14] A columnist for Inside Soap said that Adam is a "one-time joker" and a "happy-go-lucky type of character".[15] Stevenson returned for a guest stint in 1999 and admitted that not much had changed on the series.[15] Stevenson told writer Jason Herbison of Inside Soap that he enjoyed playing Adam again so much that he considered asking the producer for a full-time return.[16]

Viv Newton[edit]

Viv Newton, played by Mouche Phillips made her first appearance in on 5 July 1989 and departed on 25 May 1990. Phillips was sharing a house with Justine Clarke and began filing the week after Clarke had left the serial[17] Phillips told a writer from Look-in that she liked to be kept busy on set. She explained that "people" were often left trying to find her because she was not where she should have been.[18]

Emma Jackson[edit]

Emma Jackson, played Dannii Minogue made her first on-screen appearance on 22 September 1989 and departed on 22 August 1990. Minogue originally auditioned for the role of Marilyn Chambers, but she was later cast in the role of Emma instead.[19] Minogue stayed with the show for a year, before she quit to launch her music career in 1990.[20][21] In October 2007, it was rumoured that Minogue was due to reprise her role as Emma for the show's 20th anniversary in 2008.[22] However, she did not appear. For her portrayal of Emma, Minogue was nominated for the "Most Popular Actress on Australian Television" Logie Award in 1989.[23] Holy Soap named Minogue as one of Home and Away's "Sexiest girls ever".[24]


Date(s) Character Actor Circumstances
25 January–13 February Martha Stewart Alison Mulvaney[25] Martha is Alf Stewart's (Ray Meagher) late wife and the mother of their daughter, Roo (Justine Clarke). Martha appears in flashbacks to 1970 when Bobby Simpson (Nicolle Dickson) reads her diary entries from that year while searching for leads on her biological parents. It is revealed that Martha knew that Alf’s sister, Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) was Bobby’s mother and subsequently had her adopted out to Al (George Leppard; Terence Donovan) and Doris Simpson.
25 January Les Palmer Graham Lancaster[25] Les is Celia Stewart (Fiona Spence)’s late fiancé who appears in flashbacks to 1970 when Bobby Simpson (Nicolle Dickson) reads the diary entries of the late Martha Stewart (Alison Mulvaney). Les and Celia hold a party to celebrate their engagement but it is not to be as Les is later killed in the Vietnam War.
26 January–16 March Nicholas Walsh Robert Taylor Nicholas arrives in Summer Bay to visit Stacey Macklin (Sandie Lillingston) and reveals to her ex, Philip Matheson (John Morris) that he and Stacey are engaged. Nicholas goes for a swim and has his clothes stolen and is seen in the nude by Celia Stewart (Fiona Spence) and Betty Falwell (Barbara Morton), who call the police and he is arrested for indecent exposure. He schemes with Stacey's father, Gordon (Ron Haddrick) to buy the caravan park from the Fletcher family but they decline and Nicholas offers Tom (Roger Oakley) a job in England. He urges Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) to buy the park and sell it to him, she agrees. Stacey finds out Nicholas is behind some poison pen letters addressed to Ailsa Stewart (Judy Nunn), which he had framed her stepdaughter Roo (Justine Clarke) for. He chases Stacey and attacks her but Tom saves Stacey and hits Nicholas.
1 February–5 September Kim Patterson Jacqui Townsend[26] Kim is the younger sister of Alison (Kathryn Ridley), Mav (Clayton Williams) and Skye Patterson (Angela Keep). She attends Summer Bay Primary in Year 4 with Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie). She tells Alison that Carly Morris (Sharyn Hodgson) is going through cold turkey. Kim and Sally find some floppy disks scattered in the bush, which contain Morag Bellingham's (Cornelia Frances) manuscript for her memoirs. She later argues with Sally over the existence of the "Summer Bay Bunyip" when Sally claims to have seen the creature.
13 February–20 March Richard Bellingham John Bonney[27] Richard is Morag Bellingham’s (Cornelia Frances) husband of Twenty years. They separate after the truth about Morag being Bobby Simpson’s (Nicolle Dickson) mother is exposed in the local news. Before he leaves, he warns Morag's niece Roo Stewart (Justine Clarke) that she should stay away from her aunt.
20 February–21 November James Donahue Richard Morgan[28] Donahue is a journalist from The Daily Star who tries to get information about Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) being the mother of Bobby Simpson (Nicolle Dickson). He tricks Morag’s sister, Celia Stewart (Fiona Spence) into revealing details. He is warned off by Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) but returns when he learns Rory Heywood (Gregor Jordan) has been killed by a shark. Donahue persuades Lance Smart (Peter Vroom) to lie about the sighting of the shark.
22 February–9 August 1990 Vicki Baxter Nana Coburn[29] Vicki Baxter is an antagonist in Steven Matheson's (Adam Willits) class at Summer Bay High. She pokes fun at Carly Morris (Sharyn Hodgson) for repeating Year 12 after failing her HSC the previous year and begins bullying Viv Newton (Mouche Phillips). Vicki also frequently feuds with Emma Jackson (Dannii Minogue). When Grant Mitchell (Craig McLachlan) begins teaching at the school, Vicki makes a play for him asking for after school tuition. Grant rejects her advances and Vicki tells everyone that he sexually molested her, resulting in Grant's suspension pending an investigation. Emma is enraged and uses physical force to get Vicki to confess. She eventually confesses and Grant is reinstated. Vicki then frames Emma for stealing exam papers from Donald Fisher’s (Norman Coburn) office, which sees her expelled. Steven and Paul Jensen (Craig Black) work together in order to bring Vicki down by contacting her cousin Anna (Rebecca George), who informs them of Vicki's scheme. After being confronted with the evidence, Vicki herself is expelled from school.
22 February–5 April Leanne Dunn Kylie Foster Leanne is a girl who Martin Dibble (Craig Thomson) meets on a blind date. She asks Celia Stewart (Fiona Spence) for etiquette lessons. Leanne's new image is a shock for Martin who wants to dump her. Leanne misinterprets his signals and thinks he wants to marry her. Martin tries to put her off by introducing her to his rough family and behaving like a slob. Leanne then reverts to her old image and she and Martin continue their relationship. Matt Wilson (Greg Benson) discovers Leanne is illiterate and teaches her to read. Martin assumes Matt is seeing Leanne and goes to attack Matt, resulting in Martin being knocked out. Meat Axe (Joseph Dicker), Leanne's ex-boyfriend, shows up and picks a fight with Martin and beats him up. Leanne stops the fight but she leaves with Meat Axe, breaking Martin's heart.
1 March–12 November Enid Jan Oxenbould Enid is a friend of Celia Stewart (Fiona Spence) who attends a town meeting about a killer shark inhabiting the waters near the beach.
8 March Nola Dibble Denise Roberts [30] Nola is Martin Dibble's (Craig Thomson) mother who appears when he brings Leanne Dunn (Kylie Foster) to meet the family for dinner in order to put her off marrying him.
8 March Scott Dibble Uncredited[30] Scott and Errol are Martin Dibble's (Craig Thomson) brothers. They appear at a family meal when Martin brings Leanne Dunn to meet them and their parents Ern (Peter Carmody) and Nola (Denise Roberts).
Errol Dibble Uncredited[30]
21 March–24 May Nigel Taggart Gary Down Nigel is a colleague of Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) who she had hired several years before when nobody would due to him losing his eyesight in an accident. He arrives to help her at the Blaxland mansion as her personal assistant. He often serves as a mediator and builds up a friendship with Morag's sister Celia Stewart (Fiona Spence). Celia develops feelings for Nigel but he does not reciprocate. Nigel resigns as Morag's assistance in order to get some independence and with the help of Ailsa Stewart (Judy Nunn), he leaves Celia a letter letting her down gently.
28 March Ross Maybury John Banas Ross is the presenter of 'The World Tonight' a late night talk-show which Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn) and Bobby Simpson (Nicolle Dickson) appear on to discuss On the Crest of a Wave, a novel by Donald's son Alan (Simon Kay). Ross asks Bobby about the recently publicised revelation that Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) is her mother and upsets her.
4–5 April Meat Axe Joseph Dicker[31] Meat Axe is Leanne Dunn's (Kylie Foster) ex-boyfriend who arrives in Summer Bay to get back together with her. He is angry to find Martin Dibble (Craig Thomson) is dating Leanne and challenges him to a fight. Meat Axe delivers a beating to Martin but is stopped when Leanne breaks a bottle over his head. However, Leanne leaves with Meat Axe after admitting to Martin she promised to go with him.
18 April–23 October 1995 Brian "Dodge" Forbes Kelly Dingwall[32] Dodge arrives in Summer Bay and schemes to get free food from Celia Stewart (Fiona Spence) at the local store (287). He also steals Bobby Simpson’s money (Nicolle Dickson) while she is on the beach. After Lance Smart (Peter Vroom) catches Dodge trying to steal his car, he spins him a story about being broke and homeless, and Lance lets him stay in his mobile home. Dodge continues to cause trouble in the Bay by stealing money from the school dance and Philip Matheson’s (John Morris) pills. Celia catches him trying to steal from the store and he is arrested by Sgt. Bob Barnett (Robert Baxter). Dodge retaliates by firebombing the store, which results in Philip being killed (293). He then leaves town but returns as the latest foster child of the Fletcher family. He builds up a friendship with Philip’s nephew Steven (Adam Willits) and convinces him to frame Simon Yates (Christopher Saunders) for arson. Dodge clashes with Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) and begins bullying her, after she continually picks on him simply because she finds him "creepy" (and not because he stole candy from her at the bus stop). He then leads Steven into bad behaviour. Things start to get undone when Dodge drunkenly confesses to Adam Cameron (Mat Stevenson) that he burned the store down (372). Steven is enraged when he finds out and attacks Dodge but Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn) stops him. Dodge is arrested, charged with murder (374), and imprisoned for 5 to 6 years. Dodge is paroled in 1995, murders Irene's husband "mud" (Murdoch Roberts), and returns Summer Bay (1775) to even the score with Steven by framing him for murder. In the end, he kidnaps Kelly Watson (Katrina Hobbs) to lure Steven into a fight with him on a clifftop and plunge into the sea below (1806). Shane Parrish (Dieter Brummer) rescues Steven, but Dodge’s body is never found.
20 April–16 May Simon Yates Christopher Saunders[33] Simon meets Roo Stewart (Justine Clarke) at a Dirty Dancing competition and takes a liking to her. Simon takes a job at the Bayside diner. It is revealed he served a prison sentence for armed robbery but Roo is not deterred and they continue their relationship, despite Roo's aunt Morag Bellingham's (Cornelia Frances) warnings about Simon. Steven Matheson (Adam Willits) is convinced Simon is behind the fire that recently killed his uncle Philip (John Morris) and attacks him. Simon leaves but briefly returns and begins working for Roo's father Alf (Ray Meagher) but Steven continues his harassment of Simon and is goaded by Brian "Dodge Forbes (Kelly Dingwall) into framing him for arson. Simon is arrested and bailed at Alf's expense but he runs away. Simon later sends Roo a letter saying he will pay Alf back.
2–9 May Andrew Foley Senior Alan Tobin Andrew Senior is Andrew Foley's (Peter Bensley) estranged father. The two men have not spoken since the death of Andrew’s mother, Julia. Andrew Senior is dying and wants to make peace with his son and asks Carly Morris (Sharyn Hodgson) to set up a meeting but Andrew refuses. Andrew Senior finally gets to see his son but he warns him to stay away from him. Andrew Senior later dies but leaves Andrew a great deal of money in his will and a letter full of apologies.
10 May–22 February 1990 Howard West Richard Rowe[34] West is a representative of the Department of Childcare Services. He brings Brian “Dodge” Forbes (Kelly Dingwall) to the Fletchers as their newest foster child. He investigates Viv Newton’s (Mouche Phillips) claims of her father John’s (John Gregg) mistreatment of her and her sister Tammy (Katy Edwards). John manages to get West onside, however, West organises a temporary supervision order for Tammy. West reappears when Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn) is facing murder charges and terminates his guardianship of Viv and has her placed in a children’s home. However, Donald is exonerated and Viv returns.
11 May Peter Braithwaite Ron Blanchard Peter is an insurance assessor who contacts Celia Stewart (Fiona Spence) about a claim following the recent fire of her store. He becomes suspicious when Celia asks for $500, 000, twice the store's value.
18–29 May Kyoko Sakamoto Yuka Mitani Kyoko is an interepreter for Japanese clients of the Macklins family who visit Summer Bay on business.
2–8 June Peter Bedford Bevan Wilson[35] Peter is an investor in the Macklin development who is invited to dinner with the Fletcher family. He is disappointed when he learns Frank Morgan (Alex Papps) did not attend University and does little to impress Frank's wife Bobby (Nicolle Dickson) with his comments about the importance of a stable family home and education, prompting her to verbally attack him. Following this, Bedford decides not to sign with the Macklins but is eventually persuaded to sign the contract by Martin Dibble (Craig Thomson), who he takes a liking to.
2 June Claire Bedford Linda Anning[35] Claire is the wife of Macklin investor Peter Bedford (Bevan Wilson), who joins him after being invited to dinner with the Fletcher family.
8 June–18 July Flynn Mark McCann Flynn is a labourer for the Macklin corporation. He and the other workers get tired of Martin Dibble's (Craig Thomson) attitude and call a strike. Roo Stewart (Justine Clarke) is able to negotiate and Flynn and the others call off the strike. Flynn later tries to assist Martin in the rescue of Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) who has climbed onto a high surface to get Andrew Foley's (Peter Bensley) attention.
13 June Jay Everett Andrew Doyle[36] Jay is a motivational guru who temporarily takes over as office manager at the Macklin development in Tom Fletcher's (Roger Oakley) absence. His positive energy rubs off on Martin Dibble (Craig Thomson) but fails to rouse Roo Stewart (Justine Clarke whose father Alf (Ray Meagher) is missing alongside Tom.
6 July–13 September Nina Olivera Raquel Suarstzman[37] Nina is a friend of Stacey Macklin (Sandie Lillingston). She assembles a music group called Image consisting of Lance Smart (Peter Vroom), Martin Dibble (Craig Thomson) and Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons). Lance becomes more and more uncomfortable as the group's fame grows and feels Nina is controlling the lives of group. Lance sabotages a live performance at the Sands Resort and makes a fool of himself on a Saturday Morning television programme and Nina rips up the contract. However, Nina scores a job in Los Angeles for promoting Image and leaves to take it. She invites Stacey to join her several weeks later and she does.
11 July Beulah Robyn Gurney Beulah is a homeless woman who helps Viv Newton (Mouche Phillips) while she is living rough on the streets.
19 July Sgt. Col Baker Simon Westaway Baker questions Brian "Dodge" Forbes (Kelly Dingwall) over an accident involving a stolen car. Steven Matheson (Adam Willits) then assumes the blame.
21 July–1 August John Newton John Gregg[38] John is Viv Newton's (Mouche Phillips) father, who is a reverend. He arrives in Summer Bay after tracking Viv down, much to her horror. John puts on a sincere act in front of Viv's principal, Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn) and Andrew Foley (Peter Bensley) but once he gets Viv home, he locks her in a cupboard under the stairs. Steven Matheson (Adam Willits) and Bobby Simpson (Nicolle Dickson) pay a visit to the Newtons. They see through John's lies and rescue Viv but John refuses to let his younger daughter, Tammy (Katy Edwards) go with them. Bobby then locks John in a cupboard as taste of his own medicine and she, Steven, Viv and Tammy flee back to the Bay. After being freed, John arrives in Summer Bay to reclaim Tammy, who is reluctant to agree but Viv persuades her to go as a supervision order will be placed on John. After Tammy runs away the following year after more of John's abuse, The Department of Child Services get involved and question John, who relinquishes custody rather than face court.
27 July–25 May 1990 Tammy Newton Katy Edwards[39] Tammy is Viv Newton's (Mouche Phillips) younger sister. She is used by their father John (John Gregg) in order to guilt trip Viv into returning home. When Tammy and Viv flee to Summer Bay, John tracks them down and Viv refuses to return. After Howard West (Richard Rowe) arranges a supervision order, Tammy reluctantly agrees to return home while Viv remains with Donald. A year later, Tammy flees John and runs away to find Viv and stays in hiding for several days before reuniting with Viv. Helen Wakefield (Shayne Foote), a social worker locates Viv and Tammy's mother, Angela (Annie Byron) and brings her to meet her estranged daughters. Tammy is shocked and scared at first as John had told her and Viv that Angela had died. Angela explains that she left them when Tammy was a year old. Tammy then leaves with Viv and Angela to start a new life in Queensland.
9 August–16 April 1990 Rex Wilson Barry Donnelly Rex is Matt Wilson's (Greg Benson) uncle who works on the local council. He gets Matt a job as beach inspector and closes down Andrew Foley's (Peter Bensley) advice centre in the store room of the diner. Rex suffers a heart attack several months later and resigns from the council.
9 August Freddie Hudson Mark Arbib[40] Freddie is a student who visits Andrew Foley (Peter Bensley) at his Youth advice centre at the Bayside diner.
18–31 August Ross Keating James Gleeson[41] Ross is Sally Keating's (Kate Ritchie) estranged uncle. He arrives just before Tom (Roger Oakley) and Pippa Fletcher's (Vanessa Downing) application to adopt Sally goes through and expresses an interest in obtaining custody of his niece. Sally is resistant on seeing Ross at first but when he and his wife Louise (Felicity Soper) invite her over to their spacious home, she changes her mind. Ross is happy when Sally tells him she wants to live with him and Louise, but she changes her mind after realising she is happy with the Fletchers. The Keatings then leave Summer Bay.
23–31 August Louise Keating Felicity Soper[42] Louise is Ross' (James Gleeson) wife and Sally's (Kate Ritchie) aunt. Louise and her husband grow closer to Sally as they are unable to have children themselves due to Louise having an operation for ovarian cancer that left her infertile. Louise is happy when Sally tells her and Ross she wants to live with them but Sally changes her mind and opts to stay with the Fletcher family.
29 August, 23 March 1990 Len Baxter Uncredited
Damian Cudmore[43]
Len is the father of Vicki Baxter (Nana Coburn). He picks her up from the Surf Club dance but not before giving her date, Martin Dibble (Craig Thomson) a warning glare. When Vicki alleges her teacher Grant Mitchell (Craig McLachlan) has sexually molested her, Len is enraged and demands Grant be removed from the school. Grant is temporarily suspended but he is reinstated when Vicki reveals she lied.
29 August–10 November Danny Farnsworth Justin Connor [44] Danny is the son of Gordon Farnsworth, a man who Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) sentenced to prison, resulting in Gordon committing suicide. Danny begins a revenge campaign Morag by making threatening phone calls. He arrives in Summer Bay keeping his identity a secret and takes a job working for Morag as her assistant and moves in with her when she offers him a room. Morag’s daughter, Bobby Simpson (Nicolle Dickson) takes an interest in Danny and they begin dating. Danny scares Morag by first planting a spider in a box of chocolates and by hanging a dummy, causing Morag to think there is a corpse in her living room. He is pleased when he realises nobody believes Morag, but is comes unstuck when she discovers clippings from his father’s trial. Danny holds Morag hostage and tries to kill her after she confronts him in a mock trial and Bobby and her father Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn) convince him to let her go with Donald pretending to be Danny’s father during his psychotic episode. Bobby then helps him flee town and Danny asks her to leave with him but she turns him down.
30 August–8 July 1996 Chris Hale John Meillon Jr.[45] Hale is a police constable who first appears when Andrew Foley (Peter Bensley) and Stacey Macklin (Sandie Lillingston) trespass on private property. He later arrests Martin Dibble (Craig Thomson) for illegally selling stuffed Bunyips outside Summer Bay Primary. Following his promotion to sergeant, Hale is involved in various police matters over the years including the arrest of Shane Parrish (Dieter Brummer) for theft and Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) running away. In December 1995, Hale accidentally knocks Shane off his bike in a hit and run, leaving him for dead. Shane dies of septicaemia several months later following the removal of his spleen and Hale's guilt compels him to help Shane's widow, Angel (Melissa George). He later threatens Jesse McGregor (Ben Unwin) who knows the truth but the guilt proves too much and Hale confesses and he is suspended.
11 September Doctor Ellis Marilyn Allen A doctor at Northern Districts Hospital who arranges for Tom Fletcher (Roger Oakley) to be transferred to a hospital in the city following his heart attack.
11 September Doctor Williamson David Whitford A city doctor who diagnoses Tom Fletcher (Roger Oakley) with an intracerebral haematoma.
18–21 September Ian McTavish Noel Trevarthen McTavish is a Scottish explorer who arrives in Summer Bay to hunt down the legendary “Summer Bay Bunyip”. He makes a play for Celia Stewart (Fiona Spence) who rebuffs him. When McTavish discovers there is no Bunyip and finds Martin Dibble (Craig Thomson) dressed in a costume, he leaves.
20 September Samantha Walker Fiona Shannon A youth worker who informs Ailsa Stewart (Judy Nunn) of her niece Emma Jackson's (Dannii Minogue) desire to live with her. Ailsa is shocked as she is unaware that her estranged sister Bridget (Paula Duncan) has a daughter.
11–12 October Millicent Staples Julie Haseler[46] Millicent is a wealthy young woman who books a charter cruise with Adam Cameron (Mat Stevenson), who is attracted to her. He accepts her booking and transports Millicent and her two associates to a remote island. After spending the day together, Millicent tells Adam she will get rid of her associates so they can be alone but this is a trick as Millicent sails off on the yacht, leaving Adam marooned on the island.
11 October Henry Whiting Patrick Ward[46] Henry is the owner of a local hot dog stand who is approached by Lance Smart (Peter Vroom) and Martin Dibble (Craig Thomson) to sell the business but accepts an offer from Celia Stewart (Fiona Spence) instead.
25 October Sylvia Wilson Marie Armstrong Sylvia is Rex Wilson’s (Barry Donnelly) wife and Matt's (Greg Benson) aunt. She is seen in the Stewart store when Martin Dibble (Craig Thomson) complains about the council shutting down his hot dog stand
26 October–15 November Rory Heywood Gregor Jordan[47] Rory arrives in summer Bay looking for the Fletcher family, who he believes to be friends of his father. Rory's true identity is exposed, but Tom's wife Pippa (Vanessa Downing) agrees to let him stay. His presence provides an irritation for Steven Matheson (Adam Willits) and Carly Morris (Sharyn Hodgson). Rory joins the surf club and helps Adam Cameron (Mat Stevenson) get back together with Carly. Rory, pleased with himself, goes for a surf but is eaten by a shark. Adam later avenges Rory by capturing the shark. Judy Nunn described the storyline involving Rory's shark attack as one of her favorites.[48]
30 October–2 November Mick Bruce Samazan Mick is a friend of Andrew Foley (Peter Bensley),who comes to stay with him and his girlfriend Stacey Macklin (Sandie Lillingston). Mick is a drug addict and when Stacey’s engagement ring goes missing, she blames him but apologises when Mick explains he had the ring tightened. Mick then turns on Stacey and trashes the flat before leaving.
17 November Rosemary White Zoe Bertram[49] Rosemary is Rory Heywood’s (Gregor Jordan) sister who arrives following his death. She reveals to the Fletcher family Rory’s real name was Colin.
21 November–22 January 1990 Zac Burgess Mark Conroy[50] Zac is a shark hunter who arrives in the Bay after Rory Heywood (Gregor Jordan) is eaten by a shark. He demands $5000 upfront and $5000 for catching the shark much to the ire of the locals. Gordon Macklin (Ron Haddrick) pays $2000 toward the shark's capture but visits Zac at the caravan park and offers to double the money if the shark is kept alive. Zac learns that Gordon is having rubbish dumped on the closed beach and in the ocean in order to attract the shark and threatens to reveal he is behind the dumping. He then makes a move on Carly Morris (Sharyn Hodgson), much to her disgust then targets Pippa Fletcher (Vanessa Downing) who rejects his advances but Zac continues to the point where many people in town think they are having an affair, putting strain on Pippa's marriage to Tom (Roger Oakley). Steven Matheson (Adam Willits) arranges a plan to expose Zac by having Pippa feign interest in Zac's advances and records a conversation in which Zac admits everything. Tom and Zac fight and Zac leaves town.
12 December Drew Howard Ignatius Jones[51] Drew is Marilyn Chambers' (Emily Symons) producer on a game show called “Cheap shots". He tries to get Marilyn to make fools of Lance Smart (Peter Vroom) and Martin Dibble (Craig Thomson) on national television but Marilyn turns the tables and humiliates Drew instead by throwing tomato sauce on him.


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