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Bell at Financial Times 125th Anniversary Party, London

Sir David Charles Maurice Bell[1] (born 30 September 1946[2]) is a former Director for People at Pearson Group[3] and a former Chairman of the Financial Times (1996 to 2009).[4][5] In November 2012 he became Chair of the Syndicate of Cambridge University Press.

Background and personal life[edit]

Born in Henfield,[6] Sir David was educated at Worth School.[7] He is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania and Cambridge University.[6][8]

He is married with three children.[8]


Having worked at the Oxford Mail (1970 - 1972), Bell became a news editor at the Financial Times in 1978.[2] He rose to Managing Editor (1985 - 1989) before moving to the business side, initially as marketing director (1989 - 1993).[2][9] He became Chief Executive in 1993 and Chairman in 1996.[9] He was appointed Director for People at Pearson Group in 1998 and Chairman of Pearson in 2003.[3][4][5][9][10][11]

In November 2012 he became Chair of the Syndicate of Cambridge University Press.


As Chairman of the UK's Millennium Bridge Trust (1995 - 2002)[4][12] David Bell signed off London's Millennium Bridge,[6] which he could see from his office window at the FT.

He is Chair of the Media Standards Trust,[13] which helps to administer the Orwell Prize.[14]

He is a director of ImagineNations, where he is also Secretary and Treasurer.[15]

He is a Governor at Worth School, a Catholic independent school in Sussex.

Sir David is Chair of Council at Roehampton University.[8]

Sir David is International Chair of the Institute for War & Peace Reporting, iwpr.net.

Sir David is also Chairman of Sadler's Wells.[16]

Sir David is a trustee of Common Purpose UK.[4][6]

Sir David was chairman of Crisis UK for 10 years until 2012.[17]

Sir David is an assessor on the Leveson Inquiry.[9]

Sir David Bell has been appointed as the non-executive chair of the steering committee driving the development of the National Equality Standard


Sir David was made a Knight Bachelor for services to industry, the arts and charity[1][6][18] in the Queen's 2004 birthday honours.[1][19][20]

In 2007, Sir David was awarded an honorary degree from City University London.[21]


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