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David J[edit]

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David J
Screen shot of David J performing Haircut music video
Background information
Birth name David Jerry Jackson III
Born August 14, 1995 (20)
Augusta, Georgia U.S.
Genres Hip Hop , Jazz
Occupation(s) Rapper * Record Producer * Musician Songwriter * Jazz Musician * Music Video Director * Graphic Designer * Actor * United States Air Force Fire Fighter
Instruments Vocals, Trumpet, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Drum Machine, Violin
Years active 1995-Present
Labels CoCalm (Cool Calm Collective Entertainment)
Associated acts Taylor Brisk, Marrow, CoCalm
Website http://www.davidjworld.com

David Jerry Jackson IIII (born 14 August 1995, Augusta Georgia, United States), better known as David J, is an American Hip Hop rapper, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer. David J is also the founding leader of the Hip Hop Label and collective CoCalm. He is the creator of original Hip Hop productions and rose to his prominence through the release of his well known single "Haircut" which is featured on the album titled "The Chill". Following the release of his first album he then almost immediately released the brother album titled "No Chill". "No Chill" went on to become a highly noticed independent album through social media which eventually turned into David J's success in his Hip Hop Career.

Early Life[edit]

David Jackson grew up with his father being in the Air Force, his mother being a guidance counselor in schools and had the pleasure of living all around the United States. Due to the fact of David J living nation wide he had the experience of meeting many different people and encountering different paths of life. These experiences are what craved David J's music into what it is today. At the age of 7, David J found his passion for music through the genre of Jazz. He simply found his love through learning how to play instruments such as the trumpet, piano, drums, and the guitar. It was not until the age of about 10 until David J wrote his first rhyme. Throughout the course of the next years David J attended almost 8 different schools and soon became the drum major of his High School band. After graduating from his High School located in Georgia, he then joined the United States Air Force as a fire fighter. He also attend a community college at the same time in order to have time to still pursue his dreams of music.

Music Career[edit]

The Chill

No Chill

Musical Style and Influences[edit]

The first influences of David J started when he noticed his father break dancing to Hip Hop by Melle Mel, Sugar Hill Gang, and Run DMC. David J absolutely loved not only the art behind the music but the culture involved with Hip Hop. He furthered his love for Hip Hop by discovering artist such as Dr. Dre, The Roots, Notorious BIG, Eazy-E, Slick Rick, Run DMC, and more. These artist helped David J not only develop his skill in writing but also develop his skill in producing all of his own music.

David J received his first drum machine from his grandfather at the age of 16. From there David J built his own home studio with electronic keyboards, recording software, and a microphone. He then took all of his skills from conducting music as a drum major in his high school marching band and used them for production in Hip Hop.

In the year 2015, David J released two albums titled "The Chill" and "No Chill" both providing listeners with two different worlds of Hip Hop. He then developed the movement Cool Calm Collective or CoCalm for short which is David J's recording label, clothing brand, and entertainment corporation in general. To this day David J represents and resides in Atlanta, Georgia and continues to make essential, original, and TRUE HIP HOP!



Studio Albums

  • The Chill (2015)
  • No Chill (2015)



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