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Davidson Brothers
Origin Yinnar, Victoria, Australia
Genres Bluegrass
Years active 1998–present
Labels Independent
Website Davidson Brothers' Official Website
Members Hamish Davidson (1983- )
Lachlan Davidson (1984- )

The Davidson Brothers, "Bluegrass wizards",[1] originally from Yinnar, Victoria, consist of brothers Hamish and Lachlan Davidson.[2] They have written and performed together since their youth,[3] "they are multi-instrumentalists on banjo, fiddle, and mandolin and have won many awards on the country circuit."[2] They released their first album, Blue Spruce, in 1999 when they were both in their early teens. This was the beginning of what would span into numerous recordings and national awards.[1][4][5][6] "With their dynamic brand of classic bluegrass and more contemporary newgrass music, the pair has not only blitzed the Australian country music industry, but has attracted plenty of attention in the United States and Europe as well." [7][8][9][10][11]

While they have toured extensively as the Davidson Brothers, they have also shared the stage with many well known Australian artists (Lee Kernaghan, Troy Cassar-Daley, Beccy Cole, Melinda Schneider, John Williamson, Jimmy Barnes, Eric Bogle, Tommy Emmanuel, Adam Harvey, Sara Storer, Joy McKean, Anne Kirkpatrick, Peter Denahy, Kasey Chambers, Shane Nicholson, Hugh McDonald). They have entertained the troops in the Middle East, made regular appearances on national television (Hey Hey It's Saturday, Good Morning Australia, The Panel, Spicks and Specks, It Takes Two, Australia's Got Talent), and played on many recording sessions with range of other artists (Smoky Dawson, Kevin Bloody Wilson, Mark Saul, Travis Sinclair, Joe Camilleri, Kristy Cox, Bruce Rowland).[3][11][12]

Since completing university the Davidson Brothers have made Bendigo, Victoria their home[13] and split their time between music and their other chosen professions. They were among the Top 10 Most Outstanding Musicians in the 2010 Melbourne Prize.[14] In 2011, the brothers established the Australian Youth Bluegrass Scholarship to encourage and nurture singers and musicians who demonstrate exceptional talent and dedication in the field of Bluegrass Music.[15][16]


Wanderlust (2014)[edit]

Recorded in Melbourne in March 2014 and release on June 20, 2014,[17] Wanderlust is the seventh studio album released by the Davidson Brothers, this time self-produced. There are eleven original tracks, all of which are written by Hamish and Lachlan.

Track Composer
Every Time I Leave Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Travelling Bluebird Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Transpacific Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Hit the Town Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
It's Time To Go Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Grass Hound Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Lost in Amsterdam Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
I Am To Blame Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Take Me to the Mountains Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Bottle Cappin', Back Crackin' Blues (B.C.B.C.B.) Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Lost in Amsterdam (Rock Mix) Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson

Transpacific (2012) (Single)[edit]

Track Composer
Transpacific Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson

Here To Stay (2011)[edit]

Recorded in Nashville in April 2011 and release on July 1, 2011,[18] Here To Stay is the sixth studio album released by the Davidson Brothers, with producing duties shared between Mark Thornton and Larry Marrs. There are eleven original tracks, ten of them written by Hamish and Lachlan.[19]

Track Composer
My Heart Can't Believe My Eyes Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson / Jerry Salley
Let's Agree To Disagree Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Find You Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
OMFG Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Driving Into The Storm Jerry Salley
Double Plugger Strut Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
Victoria Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Rather Be Gone Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
Down Time Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Locky And Hagwinkle Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Write Me A Letter Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson

Born To Play (2009)[edit]

The third album to be produced by Mark Thornton, Born To Play was again recorded in Madison, Tennessee. However, this time around, Hamish and Lachlan set out to showcase their ability to slip comfortably in and out of different musical genres, including bluegrass, country, gypsy, swing and Celtic music. Guest musicians appearing on the album are Bryan Sutton, Randy Kohrs, Kevin Grant, Kenny Malone, The Cherryholmes family, Pat Bergeson, Jeff Taylor, Larry Marrs and Jerry Salley.[20]

Track Composer
Born To Play Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
Harden Up Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
A Showman's Life Jesse Winchester
Le Bout Du Monde (The End of the Earth) Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Lights On The Hill Joy McKean
Everyday Peter Chatman
Agony & Ecstacy / Ten Thousand Miles / Davo's Birthday Bash Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
I'll Leave My Door Open Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Life's Gonna Have A Little Talk Jerry Salley / Carl Jackson
Lucky Jordan Lee / Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
Fox On The Freeway Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin' Bill Monroe

Davidson Brothers (2007)[edit]

The Davidson Brothers recorded this self-titled album in Madison, Tennessee, in September 2007. This was the second album produced by Mark Thornton. After Raised on the Road won 2007 Independent Album of the Year in Tamworth, Hamish & Lachlan felt pressured to make a better album this time - and they did just that. This album has lots of variety, from traditional bluegrass to country to intense gypsy swing. Guest musicians appearing on the album are Bryan Sutton (guitar), Rob Ickes (dobro) and Dennis Crouch (bass). Also featuring is a guest vocal by one of the pioneers of Australian bluegrass, Trev Warner, as well as vocal harmonies from Larry Marrs and Cia Cherryholmes.[21] Left Hand Drive won the 2009 Golden Guitar (Country Music Awards of Australia) for Best Instrumental.[22]

Track[23] Composer
City Life Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
Long Distance Love Affair Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
Fresh Cut Grass Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Circle of Lies Jerry Salley / Brandon Rickman
Just to Get to You Jim Lauderdale / Melba Montgomery
Tipsy Gypsy Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Blue Mountain Home (with Trev Warner) Trev Warner
It's Not Makin' Love Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Stayin' & Gone Jerry Salley / Jim McCormick
Left Hand Drive Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
Operator Man Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
I Miss the Sound of Rain Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson

Raised On The Road (2006)[edit]

This is the first album the Davidson Brothers recorded overseas. It was produced by Mark Thornton (Jerry Reed band) in Nashville, Tennessee. Musicians appearing on the album are Bryan Sutton (guitar), Randy Kohrs (dobro) and Dennis Crouch (bass). There is also a guest vocal by Travis List of South Australia.[24][25][26]

Track[27] Composer
Raised on the Road Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Lonely Again Tonight Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
Davidson County Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Walkin' Round Blind Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
Where I Wanna Be Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
Mojo Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Lonely's Rules Susan Hill / Randy Kohrs
Don't Give Your Heart To A Rambler (w Travis List) Jimmie Skinner
Scrub Turkey Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
It's A Banjo Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Don't Turn Me Down Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson / Brooke McClymont
Sometimes Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson

Where I Want To Be (2004) (EP)[edit]

This 3 track EP was recorded in 2004 by Hugh McDonald (formerly of the Australian group Redgum) in Melbourne, Australia. The tracks are all original and feature other talented Melbourne musicians Gerry Pantazis on drums and James Clark on bass. The Brothers went on to film a live music video for "Where I Want To Be" at the 2004 Deniliquin Ute Muster. This song was renamed "Where I Wanna Be" and rerecorded in 2006 on the Davidson Brothers "Raised On The Road" album.[28][29]

Track Composer
Where I Want To Be Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson
Hunter Valley Breakdown Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Where I Want To Be (Bluegrass Mix) Lachlan Davidson / Hamish Davidson

Stay All Night (2003)[edit]

Stay All Night was recorded in 2003[30] across two cities. The eight Bluegrass music tracks were recorded at Allan Eaton Studios in St Kilda, Victoria. The studio was familiar to the boys as they had previously played on the The Man from Snowy River: Arena Spectacular soundtrack at this studio. Five Country music and Western swing tracks were recorded at Swinging Doors Studios in Kareela, New South Wales. Laurie Grundy and Josh Grundy, members of their live band at the time, played on all of the tracks.[31][32]

Track Composer
I'm On My Way Back To The Old Home Bill Monroe
She'll Be Left Lachlan Davidson / Aaron Bolton
Stay All Night Bob Wills / Tommy Duncan
Milk Cow Blues Kokomo Arnold
Hole In My Heart Hamish Davidson
S-Bend Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson
Uncle Pen Bill Monroe
I Got Lucky Hamish Davidson
I'm Coming Back But I Don't Know When Charlie Monroe
Dixe Breakdown Don Reno / J Lunceford
Sittin' Alone In The Moonlight Bill Monroe
Think Of What You've Done Carter Stanley
Orange Blossom Special Ervin T. Rouse

Blue Spruce (1999)[edit]

Blue Spruce was the first album recorded by the Davidson Brothers and was released in 1999. Hamish was 15 and Lachlan was 13[33][34] when they took the day off school to record the album at the family home in Yinnar, Victoria with Andrew Clermont in 1998. The album only contains one vocal track, "Lonesome Road Blues". Only 500 copies were printed and this release has been out of print for quite some time.[35][36]

Track Composer
Dear Old Dixie Lester Flatt / Earl Scruggs
Sally Goodin Traditional
Pow Wow the Indian Boy Pete Wernick
Tequila Mockingbird Tony Trischka
Gold Rush Bill Monroe
Lonesome Road Blues Traditional
Shuckin' the Corn Graves B / Certain L / Stacey G
Ashokan Farewell Jay Ungar
Bill Cheatham Traditional
Bluegrass Breakdown Bill Monroe
Dixie Breakdown Don Reno / J Lunceford
Blackout! Hamish Davidson
Blue Spruce Hamish Davidson / Lachlan Davidson

Music videos[edit]

Song[37] Director Release Date
The First Step (with The Bobkatz) Jason Milhouse August 2009
Long Distance Love Affair Duncan Toombs September 2008
I Miss The Sound Of Rain Duncan Toombs January 2008
Raised On The Road Ross Wood January 2007
Where I Wanna Be Pie Full of Blackbirds November 2005
I'm On My Way Back To The Old Home Channel 31 2003


Australian Country Music Awards (The Golden Guitars)[22][38][39]
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2015 Wanderlust Alternative Country Album of the Year Nominated
2015 Wanderlust Group/Duo Nominated
2015 Bottle Cappin', Back Crackin' Blues Instrumental Nominated
2015 Take Me to the Mountains Bluegrass Nominated
2013 Transpacific Instrumental Nominated
2012 OMFG Instrumental Won
2012 Write Me A Letter Group/Duo Nominated
2010 Fox on the Freeway Instrumental Won
2010 A Showman's Life Group/Duo Nominated
2009 Left Hand Drive Instrumental Won
2009 Long Distance Love Affair Group/Duo Nominated
2009 Blue Mountain Home Vocal Collaboration (with Trev Warner) Nominated
2007 Scrub Turkey Instrumental Nominated
2005 Hunter Valley Breakdown Instrumental Nominated
2004 Orange Blossom Special Instrumental Nominated
Australian Bluegrass Championships, Tamworth, NSW[40]
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2010 Lachlan Davidson Mandolin Champion Won
2009 Lachlan Davidson Mandolin Champion Won
2009 Hamish Davidson Banjo Champion Won
2008 Lachlan Davidson Mandolin Champion Won
2008 Hamish Davidson Horizon Award - Best Overall Won
2000 Hamish Davidson Fiddle Champion Won
Tamworth Independent Artist Recognition Awards (TIARA)[41]
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2012 Here To Stay Album of the Year Won
2012 My Heart Can't Believe My Eyes Best Group Won
2012 OMFG Best Instrumental Won
2009 Left Hand Drive Best Instrumental Won
2007 Raise on the Road Album of the Year Won
2007 Scrub Turkey Best Instrumental Won
2005 Hunter Valley Breakdown Best Instrumental Won
2004 Orange Blossom Special Best Instrumental Won
Victorian Country Music Awards[42]
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2012 Rather Be Gone Best Bluegrass Won
2012 OMFG Best Instrumental Won
2011 Breakin' New Ground (w Kristy Cox) Best Bluegrass Won
2011 Breakin' New Ground (w Kristy Cox) Best Duet Won
2010 Born To Play Best Bluegrass Won
2009 City Life Best Group or Duo Won
2009 Davidson Brothers Entertainer of the Year Won
2009 Left Hand Drive Best Instrumental Won
2009 Just To Get To You Best Bluegrass Won
2007 Don't Turn Me Down Best Bluegrass Won
Golden Fiddle Awards (Tamworth, NSW)[43]
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2010 Davidson Brothers Best Band Featuring a Fiddler Won
2008 Typsy Gypsy Best Composition Won
2008 Davidson Brothers Best Band Featuring a Fiddler Won
2006 Davidson Brothers Best Band Featuring a Fiddler Won


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