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Deep Knowledge Ventures
Industry Venture capital
Founder Dmitry Kaminskiy, co-founder
Headquarters Hong Kong

Deep Knowledge Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Hong Kong with an office in London.[1] The fund primarily invests in healthcare, artificial intelligence, big data and fintech. In 2014, DKV announced the use of VITAL (Validating Investment Tool for Advancing Life Sciences) - a machine intelligence that analyses financial and scientific data to better inform investment decisions made by partners and the board of directors.

DKV's portfolio includes Transplanetary, a Silicon Valley-based space development company that aims to make the global space sector more accessible and attractive.[2]

Part of Transplanetary's activities include SPOCK (Space Program Ontologically Computed Knowledge),[3] a machine learning program that claims to use real-time analysis of trends in the space industry to make investment recommendations. The system analyzes publicly available data on commercial space companies, government space agencies, NGOs and academic research labs. The data that SPOCK develops then feeds into a roadmap of space exploration and settlement, attempting to enable investors to identify optimum investment targets, analysts to monitor industry growth and industry professionals to target supply chain partners.[4]

In 2015, Deep Knowledge Ventures incorporated a subsidiary investment fund, Deep Knowledge Life Sciences (DKLS), a London-based venture fund focused on disruptive biopharmaceutical, precision medicine, and AI healthcare companies.[5] In partnership with scientists at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the subsidiary aims to help solve global challenges related to demographic ageing, the rise of non-communicable disease, and the integration of AI with an exponentially expanding ocean of bioinformatic data. The fund has a focus on mission-driven companies with high disruptive potential and support founders who bridge the translational gap between basic biological research and real-world healthcare products that extend healthy lifespan.

DKLS's portfolio companies include Insilico Medicine,[6] Atlas Regeneration,[7] Pathway Pharmaceuticals[8] and Vision Genomics.[9]


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