Deep Purple Tribute

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Deep Purple Tribute
Deep purple tribute.jpg
Live album by Cactus Jack
Released May, 2003
Recorded November, 2002
Genre Hard rock
Label One Records
Producer Cactus Jack
Moma Cvetković
Cactus Jack chronology
Deep Purple Tribute
Natur all
(2004)Natur all2004

Deep Purple Tribute is a tribute and the second live album by Serbian hard rock band Cactus Jack. Two discs feature twelve cover songs originally released by British hard rock band Deep Purple. The album was, as the band's first album DisCover, recorded on Cactus Jack concert in Coupe club in Pančevo.

The opening track, "Highway Star" features rock musician and radio host Vlada Džet announcing the band. Vlada Džet also appears on vocals on the track "Knocking at Your Back Door".

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[edit]

  1. "Highway Star"
  2. "Black Night"
  3. "Stormbringer"
  4. "Mistreated"
  5. "Speed King"
  6. "Perfect Strangers"
  7. "Child in Time"
  8. "Knocking at Your Back Door"

Disc 2[edit]

  1. "Strange Kind of Woman"
  2. "Space Truckin'"
  3. "Burn"
  4. "Smoke on the Water"


  • Stevan Birak - guitar
  • Miodrag Krudulj - bass guitar
  • Vladimir Jezdimirović - vocals
  • Dušan Gnjidić - drums
  • Zoran Samuilov - keyboard

Guest musicians[edit]