Definitive Collection (Europe album)

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Definitive Collection
Definitive Collection.jpg
Greatest hits album by Europe
Released 30 April 1997
Recorded 1982–1992
Genre Heavy metal, hard rock, glam metal
Label Epic
Producer Various
Europe chronology
Definitive Collection
Super Hits
(1998)Super Hits1998

Definitive Collection is a compilation album by Europe, released on 30 April 1997 by Sony Music.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

  1. "The Final Countdown" (Tempest)
  2. "Rock the Night" (Tempest)
  3. "Carrie" (Tempest, Michaeli)
  4. "Cherokee" (Tempest)
  5. "Time Has Come" (Tempest)
  6. "Heart of Stone" (Tempest)
  7. "Love Chaser" (Tempest)
  8. "On Broken Wings" (Tempest)
  9. "Superstitious" (Tempest)
  10. "Open Your Heart" [original version] (Tempest)
  11. "Let the Good Times Rock" (Tempest)
  12. "Sign of the Times" (Tempest)
  13. "Tomorrow" (Tempest)
  14. "Prisoners in Paradise" (Tempest)
  15. "I'll Cry for You" (Tempest, Graham)
  16. "Halfway to Heaven" (Tempest, John, Rice)
  17. "Break Free" (Tempest, Marcello)
  18. "Sweet Love Child" (Tempest, Marcello, Michaeli)

Disc two[edit]

  1. "In the Future to Come" (Tempest)
  2. "Seven Doors Hotel" (Tempest)
  3. "Stormwind" (Tempest)
  4. "Scream of Anger" (Tempest, Jacob)
  5. "Dreamer" (Tempest)