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Deivam Thandha Veedu
Deivam Thandha Veedu serial.jpg
Series promotional image
Tamil தெய்வம் தந்த வீடு
Genre Soap opera
Based on Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Written by S.Ashok Kumar (Screenplay and Dialogues)
Directed by G. Jayakumar
Nagiya Suseendaran
Susheel Mokashi
Starring Roopa Sree
Meghna Vincent
Sravan Rajesh
Venkat Ranganathan
Kanya Bharathi
T.R Omana
Preethi Kumar
Opening theme Deivam Thandha Veedu
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Tamil
No. of seasons 21
No. of episodes 992
Producer(s) Ross Petal Entertainment
Cinematography D.Ramesh
Editor(s) M.Muthuganesh
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time approx. 20-22 minutes per episode
Production company(s) Ross Petal Entertainment Limited
Original network Vijay TV
Picture format 576i (SD)
Original release 15 July 2013 (2013-07-15) – 26 May 2017 (2017-05-26)
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Deivam Thandha Veedu is a 2013 Indian Tamil-language family soap opera starring Roopa Sree previously played by Sudha Chandran, Meghna Vincent, Sravan Rajesh, Nisha and Venkat. It aired every Monday through Friday at 7:00PM (IST) on Vijay TV from 15 July 2013 to 26 May 2017 for 992 episodes.

The show is an adaptation of Star Plus serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya. The story plot revolves around cousins Seetha and Priya who are married into the Chakravarty family. The serial won two Vijay Television Awards one of which is for Favorite Fiction Series category and the other for Sudha Chandran as the Favorite Supporting Actor Female. On September 2015, the serial won three awards. One for which is for Favourite Mamiyar Sudha Chandran, Favourite Marumagal Meghna Vincent and finally Favourite Villain Kanya Bharathi.


Season 1

The series revolves around the fictitious Chakravarthy family, who live in a mansion in Chennai. The show explores morals and family values of a typical Chakravarthy joint family.

Initially, the show focused on the life and arranged marriage of two female cousins (Seetha and Priya) and their contrasting personalities. Banumathi and Sundaram adopt Seetha (the latter's niece) after Seetha's parents pass away; she is left illiterate, naive, kind and shy while Priya, their own daughter, is educated, outgoing, vivacious and cunning. It is the story of how Chitradevi – the strict, strong-minded mother-in-law of Seetha, transforms the latter into a confident and smarter woman so that she gets accepted by her husband. Priya tries numerous unsuccessful attempts to create difficulties for Seetha, but in the end both cousins happily get accepted into their families and by their spouses. Kalpana, Chitradevi's daughter, gets married to Charan, Priya's maternal cousin. Seetha gives birth to a daughter, while Priya to twin boys. Seetha also succeeds in finding her long-lost parents, who were thought to be dead.

Taking the opportunity of brother's death Vanitha comes again in Ram and Seetha's married life to make Seetha's life hell. She pretends to be mentally unstable thus making innocent Seetha takes her into Chakravarthy household going against everyone's decision. Vanitha now makes problems to kick Seetha out of the house and to bring back Ram again in her life.

Season 2

Seetha was charged guilty for the Dinesh murder case, while the real murderer was Charan, Kalpana's husband. Charan followed behind Seetha to Dinesh's house and he saw Seetha trying to grab Dinesh's iPhone before he uploaded Kalpana's picture into the internet. Once Seetha got the phone, she ran away from the house and Charan entered. Charan saw that Dinesh was still not dead. Charan takes the decision to kill Dinesh and Seetha returns to the house in the intention to save Dinesh life and she sees her brother Charan kill Dinesh.

Charan was sent to jail and meanwhile Banumathi plans to send divorce notice to Kalpana without Charan's knowledge. After few weeks, Charan is bailed out and Banumathi finds a new match for Charan. Kalpana takes a decision to commit suicide after knowing about this and Charan comes to meet Kalpana to clear all the misunderstanding. Things turns out to be sour when Vanitha plans to be Ram's wife. Vanitha conspires with the lift man and stops the lift for at least half an hour and Vanitha is together with Ram. She takes this as an advantage and begs Ram to tie the thali but Ram refuses to do so. Both are rescued by Seetha and Ravi.

ChitraDevi plans to meet pandithar to do some pooja to improve the life of Seetha and Ram. The main highlight in the pooja is Ram must remarry Seetha. If this pooja is incomplete or stops halfway, Seetha's life would be in danger. After hearing this, Vanitha stops the pooja by showing her thali and accuses that Ram tied it by showing incomplete video clip. Seetha gets angry and stop talking to Ram. Ram will punish himself in front of goddess Amman to prove that he is not guilty and he will never marry Vanitha. After seeing that Seetha will believe Ram and Chakravathy family will take a decision to chase Vanitha from the house after knowing her true colour. But Vanitha will take CCTV footage and does some graphics editing to show that Ram is the one who tied her thali. Ram takes the pendrive from Vanitha and checks at graphics center. Once he knows her cheating Ram will ask Vanitha to come to his office terrace and both will end up arguing. Vanitha takes advantage of the arguments and pushes Ram off the terrace.

Season 3

Due to the blood clot in brain Ram has temporary memory loss. He completely forgets his marriage to Seetha and even Priya and his mom Banumathi. He didn't remember anything that happened in the 3 years. He thinks that Vanitha is his wife and he thinks that Seetha is someone hired by his mom Chitradevi to act as his wife. Ram refuses to be as Managing Director of their company since he can't remember anything for the past 3 years and the Chakravathy family will decide to put Seetha on that position but it will be opposed by Priya who has a degree and is a gold medalist in Business Administration for district level. When the situation becomes critical, Chitradevi decides to have a small competition about business between Seetha and Priya to see who is more capable for this position. Meanwhile, Vanitha will change the whole story tells Ram that Seetha is actually a bad women who wants to destroy their life. She showed all the evidence about Seetha went to jail with Ram and makes Ram angry and have a negative opinion about Seetha. Vanitha hired Raghu to help Priya for administration studies where Raghu is actually cousin for Priya and Seetha. Raghu agreed to teach Priya in order to win back his love towards her. His intention was so clearly noticeable by Seetha and she is trying to save Priya from involving in problem.

Meanwhile Vanitha is trying to poisoning Ram's brain by asked him to kick Seetha from the house. Chitradevi will meet the same pandithar about Ram Seetha's life and he will suggest Seetha to bring Ram and pray with goddess Amman and this ritual was blocked by Vanitha. She will bring Ram to her brother's house for celebrate the late Dinesh's birthday and try to get intimate with Ram. They both get caught by Chitradevi, Seetha and the whole family. Chitradevi ask Seetha to tear all Ram and Vanitha's picture from the album and order Vanitha to burn all that pictures by herself. Since that pictures is the only evidence of her love on Ram, Vanitha will try to revenge Seetha by putting knife under her pillow. When Seetha notice there is a knife she wake Ram to ask about it but Ram will misunderstood and scream and call everyone in the house and accused that Seetha is attempt to murder him. The situation will be calmed by Ravi and indirectly warn Vanitha for her behavior. On the next day, Vanitha ask Ram to logged a complaint that Seetha is try to kill him and Ram will bring police to his house and Seetha willingly let herself arrested by the police. Chitradevi and Ravi went to police station to bring Seetha back to home and situation turn out to be worse when Ram saw Chitradevi and Ravi bring Seetha again.

Vanitha will bring Ram moved to her brother's house and started to threatening Chakravathy family. Vanitha will ask Ram to fight for his part of propert from Chakravathy family and Chitradevi will write all the property on Seetha's name as per their family tradition. Ram only can have the rights of the property if he stay together with Seetha. This situation will be worsen by Banumathi by giving idea of kidnapping Seetha's daughter Harini. Ram went to school and kidnap Harini in front of Seetha and ask Vanitha to handle the kid. Meanwhile Seetha and Chitradevi will lodge a complaint against Ram and Vanitha and get back their Harini by approval of Child Court. This makes Vanitha to be more revengeful and setup two drug supplier to act as sick person on side of road. Seetha will feel pity on them and help them to drop at hospital but she never realize they keeping drug inside her car. These will be recorded by Vanitha and she will call the police to arrest Seetha on the spot. Police will chase Seetha's car and found out 2 kg of heroine and arrest Seetha for the crime. Ravi will get angry when hear this news and he goes to Vanitha house and beat her for what she have done and the fight will be involve by Ram. Ravi will accidentally push Ram from the staircase and hit Ram's head.

Vanitha will took this as advantage and make Ravi go to jail for hitting his own brother. It will make Priya be angry on Vanitha for betrayed her. After so long time, Chakravathy's old business partner Selvamani comes to reunite their partnership. But Chitradevi will not agree for the offer because he have cheated Chakravthy before. But he offer that will release Seetha from the charged of drug crime. Without no other option, Chakravathy family will agree for it and Selvamani goes to Delhi and make Seetha get released. While on the way home Seetha saw the two culprit and started to chase them but unfortunately they made escape from her.

Season 3 Story Plot Changed

Seetha went to meet Vanitha because she knows that Vanitha the one make her suffer in the jail. Seetha will warn Vanitha in front of Ram and this make Ram get angry on Seetha. Seetha become out of patient and slap Vanitha in front of Ram and make Ram speechless. Vanitha get scared when see Seetha's bold reaction and try to get separate from Ram and also at same time she try to escape before Seetha caught her for the drug crime. But Ram refused to leave Vanitha and went to met Seetha to ask her sign on divorce paper. Seetha will get mad and shouted at Ram that she will not give divorce unless if Ram agree to undergo the treatment. The divorce paper will be torn into pieces by Chitradevi. Meanwhile Priya will follow her cousin Ragu to meet someone who have political influence to bail out Ravi. But Ragu actually have bad intention on Priya. While Selvamani again will come to meer Chitradevi for resume their partnership and it will be agreed by her because he helped to bail out Seetha but Chitradevi will again seek for Selvamani help to do the same for Ravi but that decision will not agree by Seetha as she can knows the intention of Selvamani. With no other option Seetha finally will agree for Chakravthy family decision and to continue the partnership with Selvamani. Chitradevi goes to Vanitha house and forcely bring Ram to hospital for the treatment but Ram finally will managed to escape from there with the help of Vanitha. This make Chitradevi beat Vanitha and search for her son, Ram but she couldn't find him and will return back to her home and plan to knock down Vanitha. Vanitha will bring Ram and moved to new place so that Seetha and Chitradevi couldn't find them. When Priya returning home she was so happy see Ravi at home and will think Ragu's political friend who bailed him. Seetha will know that Priya went out with Ragu by attend Ragu's call and she will warn Priya of Ragu's character. Priya who never listens to Seetha will go out to give treat for Ragu for Ravi's bailed. Ragu will took this an opportunity lock Priya in his house. Priya then get knows about Ragu's true colour and waiting for Seetha and Ravi to safe her. While Seetha and Chitradevi went to shop and they find out that Ram ordering his favourite food at that shop. Both of them will took this chance and Chitradevi feed payasam to Ram due to his birthday. Ram also will eat that without knowing that Chitradevi mixed sleeping pills. Once Ram fall asleep Seetha will drive to hospital for his final treatment. Vanitha who realized about disappearance of Ram will doubt on Seetha and went to her house for searching on Ram. Vanitha were chased out by Chitradevi and Seetha and will realize the absence of Priya. At the same time Ragu will make a call to Seetha to let know that he is kidnaped Priya and gonna marry her also challenge Seetha to save Priya. Ravi will get angry about this and ask Priya to solve tbe problem as she not listen to Seetha's advise. After convince by family members he will agree to meet Banumathi for rescue Priya. While Chitradevi ask Seetha to be with Ram because afraid of Vanitha will meet him there. Ragu went to meet Banumathi to bring her buy auspicious string ( thali ) by telling he getting married to someone in their relation. He switched off Banumathi's mobile when saw Seetha is trying to call her many times to explain about Priya. Ragu will steal Banumathi's money without her concern and buy auspicious string (thali). Banumathi will realize about this once she on the way back to home and will ask the shop owner to played the CCTV footage and will shocked when saw Ragu is actually stealing her money. At same time Chitradevi will finally meet Banumathi and let her understand the clear picture and all will went together for Priya and Ragu. While at hospital Ram finally recovered and well identified of Seetha and Harini. Seetha will let know the situation to Chitradevi and Chitradevi will ask Seetha to go temple and make archanai on Ram's name. Seetha will let Harini to take care of Ram and went to temple. Vanitha acts as a doctor and gives chocolate to Harini and makes her fall asleep and try kidnap Ram from the hospital but she failed to do so once Chitradevi and Sumithra suddenly arrived there. Seetha will saw Ragu's car at outside of temple and will ask Ravi to come and also she will make a call to the police. Ragu made to escape from the temple and will seek for Vanitha's help to hide Priya. Vanitha will ask him bring Priya to her house. Priya once getting consicious will realise that Vanitha is the one actual involving in this matter try to escape from them to get help from police but will be blocked by Vanitha and Ragu.


Deivam Thandha Veedu is the Tamil remake of a popular Hindi drama Saath Nibhaana Saathhiya. Saath Nibhaana Saathhiya has completed over 1500+ episodes. Deivam Thandha Veedu takes many inspiration from its original Hindi show but with several changes to adapt to the Tamil audience.


Main cast[edit]

  • Sudha Chandran as Chitradevi Devaraj Chakravarthy[2] ( From Ep 1 to 609)
  • Roopa Sree as Chitradevi Devaraj Chakravarthy. replaced Sudha Chandran in the role.[3] ( From Ep 610 to 992)
  • Meghna Vincent as Seetha Ramkumar Chakravarthy (previously played by Sharanya Sasi Taru)
  • Sravan Rajesh as Ramkumar Chakravarthy
  • Nisha as Priya Ravikumar Chakravarthy
  • Venkat Renganathan as Ravikumar Chakravarthy

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Preethi Kumar as Vanitha (Main Antagonist)
  • Kanya Bharathi as Bhanumathy Sundaram (Antagonist)
  • Devaraj as Devaraj Chakravarthy
  • Sulakshana as Sumitra Thyagaraj Chakravarthy
  • Monika as Kalpana Charan
  • Mohammed Azeem as Charan
  • T. R. Omana as Annapoorani Chakravarthy
  • Suresh Krishnamoorthy as Thyagaraj Chakravarthy
  • Radha as Seetha's Sister
  • Kamala as Seetha's Mother
  • Malathi as Chitradevi's neighbour
  • Ayappan as Dinesh ( Male Antagonist) (Dead)
  • Anitha Nair as Kasturi (Ram's Real mother)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Role Result
Vijay Television Awards [4][5] Favourite Fiction Series Deivam Thandha Veedu - Team Won
Favourite Supporting Actor Female Sudha Chandran Chitradevi Won
Favourite Find Meghna Vincent Seetha Nominated
2015 Vijay Television Awards [6] Favorite Marumagal Meghna Vincent Seetha Won
Favourite Mamiyar Sudha Chandran Chitradevi Devaraj Won
Favourite Actor Male Rajesh Ramkumar Nominated
Favourite Actor Female Meghna Vincent Seetha Nominated
Favourite Negative Role Kanya Bhanumathy Won
2017 Vijay Television Awards[7][8] Favourite Mamiyar Roopa Sree Chitradevi Devaraj Nominated
Favourite Mother Sulakshana Sumitra Thyagaraj Chakravarthy Nominated
Favourite Family Deivam Thandha Veedu Family Nominated
Favourite Negative Role Kanya Bharathi Bhanumathy Sundaram Nominated
Best Child Actor Anto James Nominated
Favourite Supporting Actor Male Venkat Renganathan Ravikumar Chakravarthy Nominated
Favourite Supporting Actor Female Nisha Priya Ravikumar Nominated
Favourite Screen Pair Sravan Rajesh & Meghna Vincent Ramkumar & Seetha Nominated
Favourite Actor Male Sravan Rajesh Ramkumar Nominated
Favourite Actor Female Meghna Vincent Seetha Ramkumar Nominated
Best Director Sushil Mokashi Nominated
Favourite Fiction Series Deivam Thandha Veedu Nominated

International broadcast[edit]

The Series was released on 15 July 2013 on Vijay HD. The Show was also broadcast internationally on Channel's international distribution.


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