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Dejan Knez, born May 18, 1961 in Trbovlje, Slovenia, is a Slovenian artist, musician, painter and founder and former member of the group Laibach.

Dejan Knez is the son of the Slovenian painter Janez Knez. In 1978 he formed the band Salte Morale.[1] This band evolved into Laibach during the summer holidays of 1980. Soon after Knez formed the side-project 300.000 V.K.. Today, he is working under the pseudonyms Baron Carl Von Reichenbach and Der Sturm.

Knez is also a painter - during the promotion of the 300.000 V.K. "Titan" CD he exhibited his paintings. Currently Knez is preparing the new 300.000 V.K. album Dark Side of Europe.


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