Deputy Prime Minister (Greenland)

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Deputy Prime Minister
Naalakkersuisut siulittaasuata tullia
Andreas Uldum

since 10 December 2014
AppointerPrime Minister of Greenland
Term lengthNo fixed term,
Serves at the pleasure of the Prime Minister
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Deputy Prime Minister of Greenland is a position, held by one government minister, in the Government of Greenland who can take the position of acting Prime Minister when the Prime minister is temporarily absent. The job is unofficial, but in many media, the person taking over when the Prime Minister is absent, is often dubbed Deputy Prime Minister, or Naalakkersuisut siulittaasuata tullia in Greenlandic.

In case of coalition governments, the position is usually held by the leader of the second largest party in the cabinet. The Deputy Prime Minister is also the highest ranking minister after the Prime Minister.

Since 10 December 2014, the position is held by Andreas Uldum. Uldum is leader of the Democrats (Greenland), and Minister for Finances and Mineral Resources.

List of Deputy Prime Ministers[edit]

Deputy Prime Minister Term of Office Party Position Duration

Andreas Uldum
December 10, 2014 –
Demokraatit Minister for Finance and Mineral Resources 4 years, 320 days