Desmond Napoles

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Desmond Napoles
BornJune 2007 (age 11)
ResidenceNew York City
Known forDrag performance
Parent(s)Andrew and Wendy Napoles[1]

Desmond ("Desi") Napoles[2] (born June 2007) is a child drag performer[3][4] known under the name Desmond Is Amazing.[5][6][7]


Desmond Napoles was born in June 2007 in Manhattan, New York City.[8] He gained gained popularity as a child drag performer in 2017 following his public performances. Napoles's status as a child LGBT celebrity was further developed on social media with the announcement of an Instagram page titled "Haus of Amazing" which was featured in the media as "the first drag club" for children and young adults under the age of 20.[9] Napoles has been named the youngest member of the performance group "Iconic House of Ultra Omni" (founded by Kevin Burrus).[10][11]

Napoles identifies as gay and states that he has been out since a very early age.[12] Napoles's parents stated that at the age of two or three, they understood that he was "likely gay" and they exposed him to a variety of gay culture, including showing him drag performances and taking him to pride parades. Napoles's parents stated that he was "openly gay" when he entered kindergarten.[1] Napoles's mother reports that he began gravitating towards drag performances when he was two and watched RuPaul's Drag Race.[13] According to Napoles' parents, Napoles is on the autism spectrum and his drag activity helps him relieve symptoms of autism disorder.[14]

Napoles's status as a child drag performer has drawn criticism from conservative circles,[15][16] particularly following his drag performance at age 8 during the 2015 NYC Pride Parade,[2] and for the perceived sexualization of a child.[14] Napoles and his parents were defended by Rutgers University professor Michael LaSala, who rejected the notion that the performances were due to parental influence. LaSala stated that children at that age were unlikely to act contrary to social norms simply due to parental instruction.[17]

Researchers have stated that norms regarding gender and sex can be seen as constructed by institutions from which individuals participate from birth but Napoles's behavior actively subverts those norms. Additionally, they attribute Napoles's rise as a child LGBT celebrity as being influenced by the rise of digital culture and online mobilization.[14]

Drag performances[edit]

Desmond's drag performances include:


In 2017, Desmond was awarded the Marsha P. Johnson Award from Heritage of Pride.[4]


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