Devrimci Karargâh

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Revolutionary Headquarters
Devrimci Karargâh
Leader(s)Serdar Kaya
Dates of operation2009 (2009) – February 2017 (February 2017)
Active region(s)Turkey[1]

Devrimci Karargâh (English: Revolutionary Headquarters) was a nominally Marxist-Leninist organization in Turkey.[citation needed]

DK first came to public attention in April 2009, when some of its members were involved in a six-hour gun battle with police in the Istanbul neighbourhood of Bostancı, leading to the death of a policeman, a bystander, and the organization's leader Orhan Yılmazkaya.[2] 20 of its members were arrested in September 2009.[3] DK is also held responsible for several bomb attacks in 2008/9.

Journalist Aylin Duruoglu was detained for over six months for knowing one of DK's alleged members.[4] Former police chief Hanefi Avcı, an Islamist-leaning conservative, is also accused[5][6] and was charged in the Odatv case of the Ergenekon trials.

DK may have been infiltrated by Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MIT): MIT agent Murat Şahin was arrested in a raid on the DK in December 2011, and released a week later and his file separated from those of others arrested.[7][unreliable source?] In February 2017 Devrimci Karargâh announced it was dissolving and becoming part of the Revolutionary Communard Party, the main organisation composing the United Freedom Forces.


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