Dickson Lake

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Dickson Lake
Lago Dickson.jpg
Glaciar Dickson and Cerro Cubo in the background.
Location Magallanes Region
Coordinates 50°50′S 73°07′W / 50.833°S 73.117°W / -50.833; -73.117Coordinates: 50°50′S 73°07′W / 50.833°S 73.117°W / -50.833; -73.117
Primary inflows Dickson Glacier
Primary outflows Paine River
Basin countries Chile

Dickson Lake is a glacially fed lake located in the northern portion of Torres del Paine National Park, in the Magallanes Region of southern Chile. The lake is fed by the glacier that shares its name and is drained by the Paine River.[1] It receives the waters of Los Perros River, which starts at a proglacial lake that was formed during the retreat of Los Perros Glacier.