Del Toro Lake

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Del Toro Lake
PN Torres del Paine.jpg
Serrano river source
LocationMagallanes Region
Coordinates51°14′S 72°45′W / 51.233°S 72.750°W / -51.233; -72.750[1]Coordinates: 51°14′S 72°45′W / 51.233°S 72.750°W / -51.233; -72.750[1]
Primary inflowsPaine River, Río de las Chinas
Primary outflowsSerrano River
Basin countriesChile/Argentina
Surface area202 km2 (78 sq mi)[2]
Max. depth~300 m (980 ft)
Surface elevation~50 m (160 ft)
Islandsone, near the eastern end of the lake, near Estancia San Antonio

Del Toro Lake (Spanish: Lago del Toro) is a lake located in the Magallanes Region, southern Chile. Also known as Lago del Toro or Lago Toro, its etymology comes from the lake's ability to generate 4 m swells due to a long (~30 km) fetch and high winds aligned with the long axis of the lake. Locals say that the lake and the nearby mountain Sierra del Toro is named thus because the lake 'is angry a lot'.[citation needed] Services on the lake include camping and fishing at Bahia el Bote.

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