Dimensional Bleedthrough

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Dimensional Bleedthrough
Krallice dimensional bleedthrough cover.jpg
Studio album by Krallice
Released November 10, 2009
Genre Black metal
Label Profound Lore (CD)
Gilead Media (vinyl)
Krallice chronology
Dimensional Bleedthrough
Vinyl cover
Krallice dimensional bleedthrough vinyl cover.jpg
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
About.com 4.5/5 stars[1]
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[2]
The New York Times (favorable)[3]
PopMatters (8/10)[4]
Pitchfork (8.0/10)[5]

Dimensional Bleedthrough is the second album by the New York-based experimental black metal band Krallice. The album was first officially mentioned by Profound Lore Records in a mailing list dated August 31, 2009, and via Twitter.[6] This was followed by a premiere on Stereogum with one track available for preview.[7] A double vinyl release was announced on October 14, 2009, to be released by Gilead Media on February 19, 2010, though it was delayed until late May.[8] The album's title song topped NPR's Viking's Choice: Metal And Outer Sound In '09 list.[9]

Track listing[edit]

Instead of traditional writing credits, songs are listed as being "initiated" by band members, indicating that the song was brought to completion by the band collectively. Unlike the others, track 4 was written and arranged by McMaster. Lyric credits are not included in the booklet, except to note that track 4 features text taken from a fragment by Michelangelo.
No. Title Lyrics Music Initiated By Length
1. "Dimensional Bleedthrough" Barr   Barr 11:10
2. "Autochthon" Weinstein   Marston 9:30
3. "Aridity" Barr   Barr 14:51
4. "The Mountain" Michelangelo McMaster   3:14
5. "Intraum" Barr   Barr 11:36
6. "Untitled"     Marston 8:08
7. "Monolith of Possession" Barr   Marston 18:44


  • Mick Barr - guitar, vocals
  • Colin Marston - guitar, recording, mixing, mastering
  • Nick McMaster - bass guitar, vocals, cover art
  • Lev Weinstein - drums


The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Marston's studio "Menegroth, the Thousand Caves" during June and July 2009.

Release history[edit]

Date Label Format Catalog Notes
November 10, 2009 Profound Lore Records CD PFL-052 digipak
May 2010 Gilead Media 2xLP ELD-028 Clear vinyl, 300 copies
May 2010 Gilead Media 2xLP ELD-028 Black vinyl, 500 copies


The CD cover is a collage made by Nick McMaster with one component drawn by Karlynn Holland. Holland also produced additional artwork for the digipak interior. The vinyl artwork is a reinterpretation of the CD cover by Holland and McMaster.


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