Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney

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Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney
Ecclesiastical province Scotland
Subdivisions Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Chaplaincies, The Isles
Congregations 47
Cathedral St Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen
Current leadership
Bishop Robert (Bob) Gillies, Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney
Map showing Aberdeen & Orkney as a coloured area covering the area around Aberdeen, with Orkney and Sheltand
Map showing Aberdeen & Orkney within Scotland

The Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney is one of the seven dioceses of the Scottish Episcopal Church. In mainland Scotland, the diocese covers the City of Aberdeen and most of Aberdeenshire (the part of Aberdeenshire south of Aberdeen is in the Diocese of Brechin, and some parts of northwest Aberdeenshire are in the Diocese of Moray, Ross and Caithness). In addition to the mainland portion of the diocese, the Orkney and Shetland island groups also come under its jurisdiction. It shares with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aberdeen a Christian heritage that can be traced back to the twelfth century. It also incorporates the ancient Diocese of Orkney, founded in 1035.

The diocese has a strong companion link with the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut and the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Samuel Seabury, the first Episcopal bishop outside of the British Isles, was consecrated in 1784 by Robert Kilgour, Bishop of Aberdeen, and John Skinner, coadjutor bishop. Clarence Coleridge, suffragan bishop of Connecticut, was consecrated by a Bishop of Aberdeen in 1981; he was elected 13th diocesan bishop of Connecticut in 1993.

The current bishop, Robert "Bob" Gillies, was consecrated in 2007. The current dean, Canon Emsley Nimmo, was licensed on 20 April 2008 at St. Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen.

List of bishops[edit]

Below is a list of modern, non-papal bishops of the united diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney. The earliest bishops of these dioceses as well did not recognize the later doctrine of papal de facto jurisdiction in non-Roman dioceses, much less the modern doctrine of papal infallibility[citation needed].

For bishops of the separate dioceses, see Bishop of Aberdeen and Bishop of Orkney.
Bishops of Aberdeen and Orkney
From Until Incumbent Notes
1865 1883 Thomas Suther Died in office.
1883 1905 Arthur Douglas Died in office.
1906 1911 Rowland Ellis Died in office.
1912 1917 Anthony Mitchell Died in office.
1917 1943 Frederic Deane
1943 1955 Herbert Hall Died in office.
1956 1972 Frederick Easson
1973 1977 Ian Begg
1978 1992 Frederick Darwent
1992 2006 Bruce Cameron Elected Primus in 2001.
2007 present Robert (Bob) Gillies


Aberdeen City

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